Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The Spot by JP Pizza Shop/Convenient Store Review

The Spot by JP Pizza Shop/Convenient Store is a new shop that just opened up on Tuesday June 20th. This place is located in Templeton PA and delivers to Kittanning PA. I'll just start with saying this place is so amazing. They have great food, great workers and great prices. I was given the opportunity to try some of their food and review it. I got a pizza, wings and a Stromboli.

Now for the size of their food at The Spot, the prices are supper good. These prices are way better than any other place around here. They have a 16" square pizza for $10.99! Fox's 16" square pizza is $12.24. Also, the pizza at The Spot is a lot thicker. I mean you can get it then crust for $10.99 but still that is cheaper than foxes. There is also candy bars and candy like skittles and M&M's at The Spot for 1 dollar. That is really good. So yea, the prices are really good.

Now I know you are all wondering does it taste good? Well, just hold your horses, I am getting to that. Before that I want to tell about some of the other stuff you can buy. They have fountain drinks and bottled drinks, white milk, chocolate milk, eggs and meat. You can buy cigarettes and snuff as well. And I mean these items are also decently priced.

Now let's talk about the food. Does it taste good or not? So with pizza and wings and Stromboli's, there are a lot of different factors when reviewing these types of foods.

  • First let us look at the size: the pizza is very thick and large, the wings are actually wings (they are not small) and the Stromboli is massive (1 foot long (I measured it)). 
  • Now let's look at the pizza: there was a small amount of sauce on the pizza but there was enough for you to taste it. The cheese tasted really good and it was stringy like what you would want on a pizza. The dough/crust was cooked to a browning perfection (it was cooked but not burnt or too doughy.) 

  • The wings were very good as well. I got them just seasoned but they were still really good. There was a lot of meat on the bones and the seasoning was perfection. I have not had a wing this good at any other pizza shop or restaurant. There also cooked properly.

  • The Stromboli was also good but there were some problems with it. There was too much cheese in it. Everything else about it was good but there was a little too much cheese. 
That is all for today! If you live near Templeton or Kittanning then look this place up!

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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Genius Mods Custom Playstation 4 Controller Review!

Hello everyone! Today I have an awesome product to review today. Today we have a controller to review from Genius Mods! This controller was made for to do a review of for you guys and I am so happy that I got this opportunity. Genius Mods is a company who makes custom controllers. This website has controllers with awesome designs but you can also get a design of your very own made. I contacted the company asking to make me a controller for free to review and they did! Let's take a look at the controller together.

So this controller looks really cool and it is just a simple design. I am going to also be getting a more detailed controller sometime in the future but this is what I have for now. The controller I got created is for my PS4 and the first thing I want to go over with you is the light bar. The light bar has my name 3D printed on it. This is really cool because you can see my name and when the controller is on, you can still see the glow around the letters making for an awesome design.

Next is the shell of the controller itself. The controller consists of 2 colors: black and green (my 2 favorite colors.) As you can see in the pictures, the front is green and the back is black. I really love how this looks and the colors go together so well.

The last part about this controller is the analog sticks. The analog sticks are magnetic and switchable. There are different heights you can make them to get the perfect feel for you. All you do is pull the analog sticks off the controller and put the desired ones on as seen in the pictures. The analog sticks are easy to remove but still stay on the controller firmly and do not come off when using the controller while playing games.

I also could have gotten mods but I didn't because I wanted the controller as soon as possible. I might do mods for the next controller to see what they are like but I'm not sure. I also had the option to make the buttons different colors but I like how they originally so I didn't.

This controller would cost around 100$ if I were charged for it but I wasn't.

Click here: to see all the controllers and possibly get your own.

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