Monday, April 24, 2017

Rastaclat Bracelets review!

I've found something really cool that we are looking at today! We are taking a look at some bracelets made out of shoe laces! The company known as Rastaclat takes shoe laces and make them into bracelets. You can get all different colors and styles to fit your preferred look. I know you are thinking that these are probably stupid but they are not. They are really cool and colorful. If you are someone who wants a cool bracelet but you don't want to get anything too flashy or expensive, then these are for you. They cost anywhere from 12 dollars to 20 or 30 dollars depending on which one you get.

The main purpose of these is to spread positive vibrations and just have fun.

I contacted the company and they sent me four different bracelets to review. These were CLASSIC : CURBSIDE, CLASSIC : ZION II, CLASSIC : INDIGO. I was also sent one from their Knotaclat collection that I could not find on their website.

So the Classic Zion II bracelet is my favorite because I like the colors of it. It is white and it has gold ends on it and the center metal part is gold also. One the gold parts, there's the company name and logo on it. I really like this one because the colors go together perfectly and looks really cool.

The next one is the Indigo bracelet which is blue and white. I like this one too because I like the color blue. I really think this one is cool because it just looks like something not flashy but still stylish. It's like someone would come up and say: "Cool bracelet! Where can I find one?" but no one would go and say that it is stupid or too expensive. The colors just go together with this one.

I also got the Curbside bracelet which is gray and white and black. There is not a real pattern in the color scheme of this one. The main color is gray but the other colors are sort of mixed together and randomly placed. This adds for a really cool look and it works great.

The last one is one from their Knotaclat collection. It is red with gold like the white one. The difference with this one is instead of it being braided, there is just a knot in it. I did not think that red and gold would go together but the two colors do and it looks cool.

Click here to check them out for yourself:
I'm sure you'll find one you like. 

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Liquid Caffeine Review

Today we are taking a look at something a little unusual. We are taking a look at something called Liquid Caffeine from Liquid Energy Inc. This product is exactly what you would think it would be, liquid caffeine. You add this stuff to a drink and it gives you more energy and keeps you awake when you need to be. Liquid Caffeine actually works, I tried it and it made me stay up all night. Now, this stuff will not give you a "sugar rush" because there is no sugar or anything like that, this pure energy. Also, it makes your focus better.

I was sent the regular and sweet 16oz bottles combo pack which costs $30.95 but is on sale right now for $21.95. There is a flavor difference in these and the regular tastes a lot better. The sweet one makes your drink a little too sweet and makes your tongue tingle. The regular kind just tastes like nothing which I liked. I can definitely say this stuff works and it does not  have any bad side effects.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Culture Carton April 2017 Review

Hey everyone! Welcome back to blog. In this review, we are taking a look at the Culture Carton for April 2017. This is a subscription box for men to help them improve themselves. The people at Culture Crate help do this by sending you a book based on advice on getting somewhere great in life. You also get some other handpicked items as well.

This month's box included a book called: "I WILL TEACH YOU HOW TO BE RICH" by Ramit Sethi. This book gives you tips/advice on how to manage and make money. It is a great book, very well written and very informative. It is program that takes just 6 weeks to complete. 

We also got some Book Darts. These not only help you keep what page you are on but they will also help you keep track of some important parts in the book. You can also use these to keep track of what part on the page you left off on. They stay in the book and on the spot you put them extremely well.

In this month's Culture Crate, they also included a La Colombe Vanilla Draft Latte. This drink is really good for someone who likes coffee or Lattes. You can taste the vanilla and it is just enough to make this drink taste really good. I'm not one who likes coffee drinks but I did like this.

The last item is the Modern Made Man "The Successor" Wallet. This is leather wallet with a very cool design to it. With this wallet, you pull the over hanging tab up and there are components for your money and cards. The wallet stays closed by putting the over hanging tab through the slot in the front of the wallet. It is retailed at $52

You can get yours here for 40 dollars a month. I really like this box and think you will too. Use code TOMMY to save 10% on your first box.

Vuka Natural Energy Drink Review!

Vuka Natural Energy Drink Review!

Today we are taking a look at the Vuka Energy Drinks. These Energy Drinks are all natural energy drinks meaning they are not bad for you. They give you the energy without the side effects of drinks like Monster or Amp. I was sent one of each flavor: Workout, Workout Zero Calorie, Think, Renew and Thrive.

The first two, Workout and Workout and Workout Zo-Cal are berry lemonade flavor. These two taste really good but are very strong at the same time. You can taste the berry and the lemonade and they go together very well. I think the Zo-Cal tastes better because it is not as strong as the normal Workout.

The next flavor, Think, is Pomegranate Lychee. I didn't know what Lychee was so it is a Sweet Juicy Fruit. This drink tastes a lot like Pomegranate and it was very sweet also. Again, very strong flavor. I mean it is not bad but was not for me.

I also got the Renew drink which is Mango Peach. Honestly this one was not too strong and it tasted exactly like how you would think: Mango Peach. The flavors go together very well, they balance each out and it was actually pretty good.

The last one is Thrive. This one is Starfruit Pear flavor and it was really good. I have never had starfruit but I love pear and pear flavored stuff. This one was my favorite but it was still really strong. It was also a lot sweeter than the other ones.

I was also sent the Vuka Lip Moisturizer which was tropical flavored. I really like this because it is not like other lip balms or chap sticks. It works very well in terms of moistening your lips. This costs 10 dollars for 10.

I also got a cool little bracelet which I love. It is very colorful and nice.

12 case of 16oz cans for $35.99

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Sopra Earbuds from Titus Audio Review

Today we are going to be taking a look at some different products from Titus Audio. This company sells products like earbuds and speakers. I was sent the SOPRA earbuds, POWERBOOM 15 wireless speaker and the CONDUCTOR earbuds. These products are really good and work very well for the prices.

The final product we are looking at from Titus Audio are the Sopra Earbuds. These earbuds are very interesting and really good. You can adjust these earbuds to any angle to fit your ear perfectly. They also have amazing sound. The sound is crystal clear, there is some good base, and the sound is loud. These earbuds sound almost as good as my $200 pair. The sound coming out of these have a better frequency and better base than other earbuds. 

Click here to check them out yourself. They cost $19.99 and they are worth it!

Titus Audio Power BOOM 15 6W Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker, White Review

Today we are going to be taking a look at some different products from Titus Audio. This company sells products like earbuds and speakers. I was sent the SOPRA earbuds, POWERBOOM 15 wireless speaker and the CONDUCTOR earbuds. These products are really good and work very well for the prices.

In this post, we are having a look at the Titus Audio Power BOOM 15 6W Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker, White. This speaker works great.  To start off, the BOOM 15 has a rubber outer casing which is really smart. It is smart because since it is rubber, there is a less likely chance of breaking it when dropping it and this adds a waterproof design to it as well. Also, it adds for a really cool design. The speaker is pretty small and compact but that does not effect the sound at all. The charging port and 3 mm insert port have a cover over them to protect them from the water.  

The sound coming out of the BOOM 15 is very clear and amazing. There is no crackling or breaking up in the sound. There is some pretty decent base for how small this thing is. You can also use it to answer calls! I really like how this speaker sounds. The sound is high quality and very clear. 

The speaker can be used wireless or wired. When using it wireless, the battery lasts for up to 8 hours and does not take long to charge.

Click here to check it out yourself for $39.99 and have a wonderful day!

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