Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Top 3 Horror Movies

The Top 3 Horror Movies

This is Just My Opinion

3. The Conjuring 

This movie was a great movie, it had a scary atmosphere and a lot of weird and creepy things happening in it. It had a far amount of jumps scares. The movie made it so that you were not comfortable watching it. The Conjuring has demon possession in it along with an exorcism. So if your into that, than this is for you.

2. [REC]

This movie follows a reporter as she goes along with a fire department into an apartment building with some crazy people with rabies. These people act almost like zombies. The viewers see the movie through the camera which is being used to record the story. This adds in the effect of jump scares, unknown, shock and eeriness. 

1. Paranormal Activity

This movie is on my list mainly because it is really scary. This movie adds in the effect of putting chills down you spin along with the eerie feeling you get when watching it. Along with that there are jump scares, not too many but there are some. This is one of those movies that makes you think something scary is going to happen the whole ways through the movie. Then when you are so scared you can't even take it anymore they hit you with a jump scare right at the right time. Also the movie is shot to make it look like you are viewing as if it is being recorded so that adds on to the scariness.

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