Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Blackfiresin -Twitch streamer

Blackfiresin, also know as Kevin is 22 and streams on Twitch. He streams as a speed runner and has been doing Halo speed runs for about a year and half and has been streaming constantly for about three months. He currently holds the record for the fastest Skyrim speed run and his time is 1 hour 19 minutes and 30 seconds, which if you play this game, than you know how hard that is. Other than the games he likes to speed run he also enjoys playing RTS games mostly, sometimes an RPG if It catches his interest. He is from America and tries to stream at least 5 days a week starting at 5 or 6 pm eastern. He says: "I used to do a lot of races with a close friend of mine, we didnt know all of the strats or anything but we were really competitive. Almost 2 years ago now she passed away, and I decided I was going to beat her Personal Best in Halo 2 by 10 minutes. While working to do that I found that there was a very friendly
community built around speed running, so I decided to continue." -Blackfiresin. He is a great guy and you should check him out if you like speed runners. See, what makes him stand out is he values his chat experience more than most other speedrunners do, and even during the most concentration heavy segments he still try to be answering a question or responding to a comment. His twitch channel is He is a great guy and is pretty good at what he does.

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