Sunday, September 27, 2015

My interview/review of the Twitch streamer Skinnypandaz

Skinnypandaz, The streamer on the popular twitch has given me the chance to interview her for my blog and I must say at first, I didn't really like her attitude but the more that I talked to her and interviewed her, she seems like a nice young woman.

Her real name is Kayla and she is from the US on the east coast, yea go USA! Just kidding I hate the US even though I live here lol. She has been streaming since July 2015 and if you want to watch her you should. She is great at what she does even though she does it just for fun. I really think that if she continues with Twitch than she will get somewhere.

She mainly plays CS: GO, Diablo and OSU! and she is great at these games. She says she has been playing Osu for 2 years, on and off. and she has been playing League of Legends for since the end of season 2. Skinnypandaz streams Monday,Wednesday,Friday-5:00PM-9:00PM EST Saturday,Sunday-3:00pm0-8:00PM EST and  she if off Tuesday,Thursday.

Thank you the Kayla for letting me do this and you should check out her twitch channel here: and tell me what you think about her and about this review/interview/

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