Sunday, September 27, 2015

One of The Best Up Coming Singers of 2009-2015

The greatest singer of 2015, her singing voice is beautiful. She is an amazing, talented young woman. This young woman was born on March 12, 1994 and started posting videos on Youtube in 2009. She is know as Zeldaxlove64 on Youtube. I am talking about Christina Grimmie. This woman sings so much different than what you think she would. She is a beautiful young woman, she might even be an angel? I mean she has the voice, the looks and also the kindness like not many other people now a days. She has gotten 3rd place in the singing competition know as The Voice in 2014. Grimmie grew up in Martlin, New Jersey and she is known best for being apart of the cover with YouTuber Sam Tsui of Nelly's "Just a Dream", She also took 2nd place behind Selena Gomez in the MyYouTube competition. Tell me what you think about her in the comments below.

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