Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Lucky One(2012)

The Lucky One has some funny moments in it along with some drama and romance.

This movie starts out with a soldier in the war. Him and His fellow soldiers get attacked, after the attack he finds a picture of a girl and on the back is says "keep safe." Then the soldiers get hit by a bomb and he survives. The doctor says that the picture is the reason he is still living. Then there is a party for the soldiers and he tries to find the owner of the picture, but no one clams it.

A few months later he gets attacked again in a vehicle after his friend says that the girl in the picture was his guardian angel. He survives again with not a scratch on him.

This movie shows you what happens after the war, even if you do survive, you get hurt mentally and the war messes with your brain. You start to get worried over everything and could even end up hurting family and friends.

The main character, Logan, goes to find the girl and tell her thanks for saving his life.  He ends up going and finding the girl, her name is Beth. She is a dog trainer in Hampton. She thinks that Logan is there to get a job and he doesn't tell her why he is actually there yet. He ends up buying a house and working with Beth. The house needs a lot of work done but he buys it and works on it.

A police officer stops by and he is a real jerk who thinks he is better than everyone else. He ends up being Beth's boyfriend or husband. Beth also has a son called Benny. Beth tries to act like she doesn't like Logan, but you could tell that the more and more the movie plays, that she starts to fall in love with him.

The son  Benny starts to get attached to Logan which, in my opinion, is so sweet.

Though out the movie, Beth's husband starts to get jealous of Logan and he gets mad. Now, Beth wants to be with Logan towards the end, but she doesn't want to lose her son. The officer tries to turn Beth away from Logan.

Will he tell her the truth, will they be together? Watch the movie and find out here:

This movie was a great movie, it was funny along with being sad and romantic. It is a great movie and again there was nothing wrong with it. I am going to say this: at the end of the movie, I was almost crying. Yes a I am 18 years old and almost cried over this movie. 9.5/10

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