Saturday, September 19, 2015

Top 10 Pop Songs

10. Stitches, Shawn Mendes

This song is slow, calm and then it becomes upbeat and it causes you to listen to what the singer is saying. This song makes you realize that breakups can cause physical and mental harm to some people. Breakups also cause depression and regret, that is what this song is telling the people that listen.

9. Roar, Katy  Perry
Katy Perry's song Roar is about keeping strong and don't stop swinging. No matter what happens to you you gotta keep going. Katy Perry is telling you to look at the positives in lives and never let anything get you down. And melody and music of this song helps also.

8. Lean On, Major Lazer DJ snake

When you read the written out lyrics its makes a lot more sense. It sounds like an upbeat and happy song but when you look at the lyrics then you understand. It's a man talking to a woman that he cares for in the first part and then in the second part, after the first "bad girl" chorus, this woman is no longer with him, possibly not by choice. She' either left unwillingly or something bad happened to her. The part of the song that repeats "blow a kiss, fire a gun" are clues to both his feelings for her and what's going on with her.

7. One Republic, Counting stars

This starts out with a guy wanting to be with a woman but something just isn't working for them. So he keeps praying and praying that something will change but it doesn't. This song is another song that sounds happy but it's not

6. Outside, Calvin Harris Feat. Ellie Goulding

This is about a woman who thinks she did everything right, but the relationship still didn't work out. This is a song with a upbeat happy melody but is sad in meaning. The person made a big mistake like cheating or lying. They are still standing but feel like they are falling. Now the girl is trying to be strong but she just can't.

5. Black Magic, Little Mix
This song is saying that they are the girls with a secret potion to make you fall in love and the guy you've always wanted. This song is happy and upbeat and is actually suppose to be like that.

4. Burn, Ellie Goulding

Ellie really isn't looking to turn her life into kindle. Rather than having the light she and her friends have inside them, they are going to let it shine bright. This song is another upbeat and happy song.

3. Madcon, Don't Worry Feat. Ray Dalton

This is saying don't worry, have fun and live life like it is suppose to be lived. You shouldn't let anything get you down and if you're bored then just start dancing. This song is a great song to play at parties because it makes you wanna dance and have a good time.

2. Ain't Nobody, Felix Jaehn feat. Jasmine Thompson

There is a girl and guy who are together, the girl is saying that she is happy and in love with the guy. She says the guy loves her in a way no one else could. She is saying that she doesn't want no else than him. This song is soft, happy and quiet. If you are looking for a good song, then listen to this.

1. Chearleader- OMI

This song is upbeat, puts you in a good mood and is actually about someone being happy with their lover. This is about a guy who says that he has everything he could ever want with his girlfriend. Other girls ask him if he wants to cheat and all that and he says no because he has someone he's happy with.

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