Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Top 5 Worst Sci-Fi Movies

These movies should not have come out

5. Jurassic prey:

This movie is beyond stupid and should never had been made. For a movie from 2015 this movie is so stupid. I got half way through and had to stop because it was that bad. The blood is fake, The acting is the terrible. Oh and the dinosaur, you can tell is fake. I expected more for this being from 2015.

4. Territory 8

It's not that this movie is bad, but it is boring to watch. The acting is not the best either and I almost fell asleep watching it. There is nothing exciting that happens in this movie, it is just the same garbage over and over again.

3. Mortal Kombat

This should never have been made into a movie. It is stupid, the characters look nothing like what they do in the games. Not even the fights are that good no, they are stupid. Also if you are gonna use blood, make it look like the color that blood is.

2. Sick

The tittle of this movie got it right when they called it this because this movie made me sick from how stupid it was. It is one of the worst zombie movies I have seen. The acting was bad, the zombies look so stupid and the characters were so stupid and annoying.

1. Andrea Perron: House of Darkness House of Light (2013)

Ok, I will start off with saying this isn't even a sci-fi movie, it is a stupid documentary. It is not even a good documentary, throughout the entire movie three girls talk, and one is old. If you are going to call it a sci fi movie, then I want to see sci fi, not girls talking about scary movies.

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