Wednesday, September 23, 2015

We Were Soldiers(2002)

This movie, it tells you what it is like to be a soldier. It tells you that no matter what, if you go into war then you are sacrificing everything. You are sacrificing your family, your friends, your home. You will be sacrificing your life. If you are the person that likes war movies then this is for you. It has action, violence, romance. The one part of the movie, two soldiers are in a church asking for protection from god, even though they know the enemy is doing the same thing. They hope that god will protect them and help them through the battle.

There is a part in this movie where a little girl asks her daddy: "What is a war?" Now this would be really hard to explain to a young child and it is something that no one would ever want to tell them about. But her farther, who is also the sergeant, tells her about it. He starts by telling her that it shouldn't happen, but it does. He continues by saying that it begins when some people from another country try to take other peoples lives. As you can see, this would be heart breaking to tell your daughter.

The battle ground of the war is covered in barbed wire and look out towers, trenches, military vehicles, and it's said to say that stuff like this had to happen. The soldiers had to tear up beautiful areas so they could make a base for the war.

As you can probably tell from it being a war movie, there is a lot of blood, people dying and sadness going on through out the battle. The soldiers that get shot, it's sad to see them like how they were. The people that lost family members in the war, had to have letters delivered to them from someone else. And I just thought, how could anybody do anything like that. That would just be terrible to have to do. You would have to be the person that stands there and watches them cry. There are little kids that have to find out about there father's death.

The soldiers that are wounded and sad, they don't get a break, never because if they tried to take a break, they were ambushed. 

When the war was over, politics got a chance to review the remaining men who survived. All the men did was walk away.

Even though this was just a movie, it did a great job of showing what it was like to be in the war. It had a lot of romance, violence, sadness, blood and it was all around a great movie.

10/10 One of the best war movies I have ever seen

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