Thursday, October 15, 2015

Deliver Us from Evil (2014)

NY police officer Ralph Sarchie investigates a series of crimes. He joins forces with an unconventional priest, schooled in the rituals of exorcism, to combat the possessions that are terrorizing their city. Okay, so this movie starts out with a war going on in Iraq. The U.S. troops they find like a tunnel going under ground and they go in to investigate and see if there are any enemies. But when they get in there, the flashlights start acting up and there is a disgusting smell. But everything suddenly goes dead and the team starts to scream. Then it cuts to a city in 2013, where the police find a babies body in an ally way. Two officers hear a call on the scanner and decide to take it. It was a man that beat his wife. Now in my opinion, if you beat a woman, then your not a man. So, the police go to arrest him and he fights back, then runs away. The police chase him down. Then they get called to a zoo where a mother threw her child into a loins pit and the kid busted their head. But once this happened, the whole zoo lost power and the woman split into the crowd. They find her acting crazy and trying to dig up the ground. They find a man who looks pretty creepy and his face is messed up. He disappears and the officer almost gets eaten by loins. Then back at the office, they get a call about a woman having strange things happen in her basement. Officer Ralph and his partner go to investigate. They think the family there is crazy.
I think that with this movie, I might have found a really scary one. They find a body in the basement of a dead man. Flies come out of his body and it's nasty. It was one of the people the family hired to paint their basement. They end up going to the other painters apartment, which is filthy and covered with bugs. The next day Ralph finds out his wife is pregnant. Then he goes to work and watches the security tapes from the zoo and finds out what. happened. He starts seeing stuff on the tapes that no one else sees. Then he goes back to the house of the woman who got beat and finds out her husband had fits. He removes the paint on the wall and sees like Egyptian encryption. A man attacks the officer and then jumps out the window. Then Ralph watches the tapes from Iraq and sees that the encryption on the wall there is the same as on the walls that were painted. The next day he goes talk to the woman from the zoo. The messages are like door ways or portals. 

Then Ralph's family starts experiencing things. He finds out that apparently, he has a gift. Ralph and his partner find both the man who beat his wife and the guy from the zoo and they are attacked by them. A priest comes and helps Ralph but something happens to his partner. 

What happened? What will happen next watch and find out for your self. This was a great movie and I sure was scared when watching it. I mean, this movie was so scary it had me shaking after watching it. There were a lot of jump scares in this and they sure made me jump. I even smacked my leg off my desk. I don't find many scary movies, but this one got me and it got me good. If you like scary movies then I recommend this one to you.

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