Monday, October 19, 2015

Doritos Loaded

The Doritos Loaded with nacho cheese are crispy Doritos filled wit Melty Cheese, why that is capitalize, I don't know. Now, when I first heard of these, they sounded really good and seemed like something I would like. But I was wrong about them, they are disgusting. After eating these, I almost felt like I was going to throw up. The outer shell has a small Doritos taste, but you can't really taste it a whole lot. It is sort of like bland with pepper added into it.  Not to mention that when it goes down your throat it sort of burns a little bit. I think this may be because there is like some sort of pepper or something like that. The cheese one the other hand, actually tastes a little like cheese but the outer shell makes it taste disgusting and peppery. This may be because it is nacho cheese but it doesn't really taste like nacho cheese, it just tastes a little too much like pepper.

Now that the taste is over with, I gonna tell you that these are not healthy at all. I mean they have bleached wheat flower in them. This something that I found from google when I searched for it: "Flour bleaching agent is a food additive added to flour in order to make it appear whiter (freshly milled flour has a yellowish tint) and to oxidize the surfaces of the flour grains and help with developing of gluten. Usual bleaching agents are: Organic peroxides, namely benzoyl peroxide. Calcium peroxide." They use peroxide in these things?! What in the world??

I am saying this, the Doritos Loaded are not good tasking and they are not healthy for you. 

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