Thursday, October 22, 2015

Geek Fuel (October 2015)

I have had an awesome opportunity to do a review of the GEEK FUEL subscription box for October 2015. I want to start off by saying thank you to them for sending me this to review and this stuff is awesome. The items in this Geek Fuel are items that I personally love and find really cool. Thank you Geek Fuel for giving me this opportunity. Now lets get into it.

I am going to first start off with the game Over 9000 Zombies! When the end of the world comes and the zombies arise, how long can you last? This is a GEEK FUEL exclusive! This game is a game where you must unlock progress, use the build menu, take control of the turrets and barriers and much more to survive as long as possible. But if you are scared and don't want to fight alone, then bring a friend in the multiplayer mode. The single and multiplayer are similar and have the same achievements but you have someone you trust to help you live. I will totally be trying this out because I love games like this. This game looks like a lot of fun. This is an Indie type game and is very popular on steam.

Next we have a pin from Back to the Future. It says: "SAVE THE CLOCK TOWER" on the outside of it and has a picture of the clock tower roof from the movie. The text is red and it has a white background on it. Now this pin is pretty cool if you ask me and I love it. There is also a copy of the "SAVE THE CLOCK TOWER" news paper from the movie. No, not the actual news paper but that would be really, super awesome. But on the back it has a number and it says: "We love you" and it has a number on it. If you call this number, the you could have the chance to win the grand prize. I did not win sadly though because I was not luck enough. :( But still the idea of it and what they did was awesome.

Now lets get to the energy drink from Guardianade. I got the energy sword citrus flavor with my GEEK FUEL. On the can, it has Master Chef with a guard from the football helmets. And an energy sword from the Halo games. When you open it up, it looks like a clear liquid substance. It is carbonated and it has a kick to it. It made my tongue tingle a little bit. I tasted a little bit of the citrus but not much. It just tastes like any other energy drink I have tasted.  When I tasted this, I thought it sort of tasted like a Monster or some other energy drink. I liked it but was not a huge fan of it. I mean but the can looked awesome though, it has Master Chef on it. Anything with Master Chef on it looks awesome in my opinion. It smells good also. But I am not a huge fan of energy drinks.

Next we have the Guardians of the Galaxy POP! Vinyl bobble-head. I am big fan of this movie and to get something like this, it is freaking amazing and I love it! It is Yondu Udonta from the original Guardians of the Galaxy team. He is a founding member in this team. This Vinyl bobble-head is number 74 of this POP! series. I was so tempted to take this out of its box but then I remembered something about these. They are collectible and I shouldn't take it out of the box. So I kept in the box but it still looks cool and I have always wanted one of these things. I wish I would've gotten Groot though because he is the best character from the movie. This thing just looks so cute though and I love it!

I also got a The Force Sleeps Pillowcase. It is white with a picture of Admiral Ackbar from the movie Star Wars. And it has text on it which says "IT'S A NAP" I found that pretty funny and I love the idea of it. The only problem I have with it is that it is white. I don't really like white pillow cases because they get dirtier easily. But I still find it cool and on the card it says: "It's only a trap in the sense that sleeping is an amazing way to get nothing done" which that made me laugh a little bit.

We also have a shirt from the Excusive shirt from Video Games Live! This month GEEK FUEL has teamed up them to create this awesome looking shirt. The shirt is black and has the logo from Video Games Live. The logo is made up of a bunch of controllers and portable video game devices. The skull or head is green and the headphones it is wearing are grey. I love this shirt and it is really amazing. You can tell that is was not made out of cheap crappy materials. This shirt must has taken a while for them to make. It looks really cool and I found it to be one of the best shirts I have seen in any subscription box. Also, I am a huge gamer and video games are like pretty much my life so this shirt is perfect for me.
The final item we have gotten is a sticker from Back to the Future. It is Delorian Time Travel Vinyl Sticker. It shows the clock that is used to put in the date and time of the destination you want to travel to. And yes, it has the date of October 21, 2015 on it which is cool. This sticker can be placed anywhere you like or you can not use it and save it like I am going to. In my opinion, this is one of the best items in this months GEEK FUEL, other than the bobble-head, of course.

I think that this month's box was pretty cool and had some sweet items in it. This is one of the better boxes that you can get delivered to your house every month with cool and different items in it. If you want cool items to collect or do what ever you want with, then subscribe to these guys. I really enjoyed doing this and it was a lot of fun. I hope I get a chance to do this again.

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