Saturday, October 24, 2015


itsWoofy is a streamer from Chicago that is 23 years old and she is a beautiful streamer if I do say so myself. She said she was an "oldy" but she is not that old. She is also known as Brianna. Now I asked her what makes her different and she told me that she likes to think of herself as just a streamer, not just a girl streamer or whatever they are called. She sees her self as someone who just wants to entertain and make her viewers happy. She wants to give back to her viewers to thank them for being with her and supporting. See, Brianna is a great streamer and in my opinion, she doesn't need to give back to the viewers and shouldn't because watching her is great enough and seeing her beautiful face and her streaming is giving back enough. She said that even though she is not a big streamer, she still does a lot of give a ways for her viewers. Now what she said next really shocked me. She told me that she never wants to forget the people who watch her stream and have supported her along the way. She started streaming consistently 2 months ago and she is an amazing streamer and one of the funniest that I have watched. She started because she was introduced to twitch like a year ago and she watched all the people who played League of Legends, which is what she mainly plays. She also liked the way that people could talk to the pros that they looked up and could talk with them.

She was wondering how well she would do and so she started streaming. itsWoofy has a great community and everyone loves her stream and loves watching her, including me because she is great at it and she is also  really funny. She jokes with her chat and talks to them every time that they say something to her. She wanted to entertain people like the pros. Which again, she does an amazing job entertaining people and does as good as the pros, if not even better. She loves talking and listening to people.

itsWoofy starts streaming after she is done working at Starbucks, which is her part time job. And she also goes to college for neuroscience. She has a donating system but is not to the point of getting the sub button, but I think she will get that button soon. She told me if a kid asked her for advice, she would tell them to just be themselves, never try to be like anyone else. And that is so true, OK, so if there are kids who read this then listen: don't trying to be like other people and be yourself. When I was born people said I would not amount to anything in life but look at me now.

She plays League but is trying to get into Counter Strike. She said she made it to diamond this season. itsWoofy said she just wants to say thank you to people who have supported her stream. She wants to give a shout out to bbypandaface, lilchiipmunk and cabochardlol for hosting her. To my viewers, go check her out. itsWoofy is a great streamer and you would love her stream sooo much. Go show her some love.

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