Saturday, October 17, 2015


Kaori is 21 and has streamed since June 2015 and she has a pretty decent fan base. She said that she started because people said to her that was funny and would have success while streaming because she is and I qoute, "a little crazy lol." She also said loves to entertain people. And she does a good job of entertaining the viewers and no one stream is the same as the other. Now she doesn't do this full time, which if she thinks about it, she should because I could see her getting somewhere with this. But instead she has a full time job as a secretary. She said she loves to play League of Legends, but also she plays a lot of Animal Crossing New Leaf. She lives in Luxembourg and you can check out her streaming schedule on her Twitch channel info. I asked her what accomplishments she was most proud of and she said her setup. She had started little by little and now she has the most important for streaming. And she said she is proud of how far she got with twitch. You really need to check her out and show her some love. She is an amazing streamer and she is really funny. She interacts with the viewers as well as makes sure they have a fun time. And what makes her different is well she doesn't need to modify herself for streaming. She just bees herself and it works out. She is not faking herself. She is really being herself. Which is why she does a great job with streaming and should keep up the good work. Go show her some love because she really deserves its and is amazing at streaming. Click here to check out her stream:

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