Sunday, October 25, 2015


KiroKnightbow also known as Jacob is a Twitch streamer. He says that he doesn't really think of himself as different than other Twitch streamers. See but that right there is what makes him different, he just wants to fit and be apart of the community. He is currently not doing this as a job because he builds lasers, which is really awesome and amazing. Jacob started started streaming in mid August of 2015. He said that he started streaming to help build a community that would be fun. Now this is what all streamers try to do but with this guy, he actually makes it fun. He is a really cool dude and an all around great streamer. I think that if he ever did this as a job, he would defiantly succeed. He is from USA and he streams Monday to Wednesday and Friday to Saturday. He said that he streams from the time he gets off work to when he need to go to sleep. He loves to play any games that have anything to with adventure or any other games that he just finds to be fun. KiroKnightbow is very stoked that he reached 1,000 followers and that he is on his way to get to 2,000 followers. Which if you read this then go help him out and get him to more than 2,000 followers. He is a great streamer and a really fun guy to watch. He said he does have a YouTube but doesn't really post to it anymore. I am telling you guys that you'll love his stream and have a really fun time when watching it. Go here and show him some love and tell him how great he is:

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