Sunday, October 11, 2015

Max (2015)

This is about a soldier who was killed in the war and his dog is given to the soldier's family for them to take care of him. Now this dog is named Max and he was trained to be a search dog in the military. The story starts with the military and Max searching for weapons that are being sold to the enemy.  The next day the enemy tries to blow the dog up but they failed and the dogs owner does not make it. Max ends up running up to the casket at the funeral and starts winning. Then he starts to miss behave and they ask Justin to help them get Max to the van. Then they say that they are going to kill Max. Max is only nice to Justin and he takes Max as his own. Justin is the only one that can even go any where near Max. Then Justin meets a girl and falls in love with her. Her name is Karmin, I'm not sure how to spell it. She comes over and helps him train Max. Then someone comes over who knows the family and Max goes crazy when he sees him. This guy was sent home because of something. Max and Justin see something there not suppose to see. Then Justin's father goes missing because he sees something. Justin and his friends go to find him. Some bad stuff goes down in this movie and you'll have to watch to find out. I thought that this was a great movie and I loved it. This movie is funny, it's sad, it's intense, this movie is everything that a movie should be and more. I highly recommend that you check it out here:

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