Saturday, October 3, 2015

Nessa_RawrCx -Twitch Streamer

Nessa_RawrCx is a streamer on the website known as and has been streaming since November 3rd 2014 and she is great at it. She is know to people as Vanessa and is 18 years old, w She plays GTA, CoD, Minecraft, and anything other than horror. She told me she is planning on getting a PC soon to play games on. Her boyfriend was into Twicth and started streaming. I was going through some things and needed to find something to take me out of the real world so i turned to video games and streaming. Streaming gives her a feeling that she can not imagine and she stream to at least make someone somewhere happy. And she does make people happy when they watch her stream. She does not do this for a living, but if you ask me, she should because she is great at it. She just recently started accepting donations due to the fact that she was not comfortable with it. That is when she came to the conclusion that any donations will be spent stream related.

She streams after 9:30 central time zone due to her work/ school schedule. So go check out her channel and let me know what you think in the comments below.(Tell her I sent you and that you think she is amazing) You would love her and have a great time watching her stream. Follow me on Facebook and Twitter by clicking these links: (All you have to do is click and press buttons to do this.)

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