Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Renegade Pige

 Renegade Pige is a 24 year old Twitch Streamer who was born on the East Coast of America and has lived there his whole life. Now what makes him different is that he has his wife on stream with him and she helps him with the creative aspect of the stream. He also interacts with viewers, does a give away every so often and he is a cool dude. He watches other streamers to learn what is good to stream. He said that he puts his a unique twist on it though. Renegade Pige says that he loves doing streams and wants to do this full time. He also said that he thinks he found something he is good at and loves twitch community. This twitch stream is a place for everybody that loves to watch people play video games. He posts vlogs Youtube to keep everyone updated on things like big events and important information. Renegade Pige streams almost every week from Thursday to Sunday. He starts streaming at 10 P.M., or at least that is what his schedule is but he says to follow him on Twitter to know for sure. Renegade Pige plays a variety of games depending on what he wants to stream and what the viewers want to see. You should definitely go check him out because he is great at what he does and I see him getting some where with this. He works as a waiter and that effects his streaming schedule sometime.  He is a great streamer and an all around funny guy. He wants to do this full time starting in a year possibly. The logo he uses is from an anemia series. You all should go check him out and give him some love. He's a funny streamer and if you watch him you might get lucky and win something. Check him out here and let me know what you think.

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