Monday, October 19, 2015


SavvyStarfruit, a 24 year old streamer on, also known as Kitty, which is what everyone calls her has been streaming since February 2015. And I must say that she is great at and plays a lot of games that I enjoy and everyone else probably will also. She is 24 years old and she wants to do streaming as full time but she opened her own business and she grows tropical fruits and vegetables year round, inside. Which to me, that is cool. She says it's small, but it supplements the income and helps her keep investing in it. Other than that, she is a full time biology student. I have to give her props because doing all that and still having time to stream, how? She have a drive that keeps the stream ever changing.

SavvyStarfruit told me that her goal is to engage and entertain and she believes that delivers that. And I do to, she is a great streamer and I love watching it. Kitty changes the visuals almost weekly and she has even taught herself new skills to bring more interaction and creativity to the stream!

Again, how does she do that when being a student and running a business? Kitty is apparently currently working on a program that will let people trigger animations on the stream directly from chat. Which that would be awesome! Not many streamers have something even remotely close to that! I mean how many other streamer have you seen with that? That's right, none. Kitty has started streaming in 2015 and this is for that fact that she wanted to do it. Before playing games she had a live blog. She loves to play league of legends but her main focus is FPS (First Person Shooter) console games.

Kitty told me that she actually first started with PC, Doom and Duke Nukem, and when consoles started gaining popularity, she switched. You can watch her stream Tuesday, Thursday, most Fridays and Saturdays, and Sunday's starting at 8 P.M. CST. Kitty also does a day stream on Wednesday in the creative section!

She also has a YouTube, under SavvyStarfruit. She actually ran a channel that no longer exists and started my digital content creation via YouTube. Kitty even went to vidcon for a few years.

Go check her out and show her how awesome she is, because she honestly deserves it and makes sure that everyone enjoys it and has a great time. And if you like FPS games, then you will especially love her channel. SavvyStartfruit has a channel like no other that I have seen.

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