Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Terminator Genisys

John Connor sends Kyle Reese back in time to protect Sarah Connor, but when he arrives in 1984, nothing is as he expected it to be. This movie starts out with a man talking about what his parents told him live was like before the war with machines was like. Then he says that everything was bombed by something called Skynet. It was suppose to be missals that would be used to protect everyone from attackers. It was guided by computers. But on August 29th, 1997, it woke up and decided that all humans were a threat to it. It used the U.S. bombs against the U.S. This was known as Judgement Day and all humans hid like rats because if not, then you were captured and put into extermination camps. Terminators were robots made to made to pass as humans.

John Connor was the man who changed everything and showed everyone how to fight back. He would destroy Skynet once and for all. Skynet has been destroyed but the final weapon is deployed and it is to late. The Terminator is sent back in time to stop  John Connors mother and Kyle Reese is sent back to stop this from happening. If he succeeds, then the war will finally be over. But something is there and attacks John right when Kyle leaves. When the new terminator gets there, the old good one is there waiting for it and tries to stop it.

Kyle gets there and is attacked by another one of the robots disguised as a cop, T1000. He gets chased into a building that has clothes and is arrested by the cops. But as they are walking away, they get killed by the robot. Kyle is saved by a girl in a truck that has the same ability as the robot cop. This girl is known as Sarah Connor. She knows about everything that is going on. The time that he sent back to doesn't exist.

The T1000 is a shape shifter and it can split off and turn into anything it wants. It can be a human, an animal, even something that is inanimate. Wish I could do that. That would be so cool.

But then John Connor ends up in the same time as his mother and Kyle. He is not what he seems though because he is taken over by Skynet and is no longer human. The Terminator, Kyle and Sarah must all stop John and destroy Skynet once and for all. The Terminator keeps John in the teleportation device, which would stop Skynet but what would happen to him?

But will Kyle Complete his mission? Will the world be saved? Watch and find for yourself. This movie has it all: comedy, robots, explosions, action. This was a great movie and I loved it. Don't worry you'll like it too. There is a lot of action is Terminator Genisys along with intense fighting scenes and awesome explosions. Cars get destroy, buildings get blown up, bridges get damaged and Sarah and Kyle almost get killed numerous of times. But the Terminator is there to help them out.

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