Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Ring (2002)

A young journalist must investigate a mysterious videotape which seems to cause the death of anyone in a week of viewing it. This movie starts out with two young teenage girls have a sleep over and talking about stuff and watching TV. Then they start to talk about a tape. It is said that this tap kills you when you watch it. But for some strange, stupid reason they rent the tape anyways. Why? Because they are complete idiots and they are stupid. As soon as you are finished with watching it, your phone rings. Someone knows you watched the tape. There is voice on the phone and all it says is "you will die in seven days." And seven days later, guess what? That's right, you end up dying. One of the girls ended watching the tape by accident and she thinks it is funny and all a big joke. Then weird stuff starts to happen like the TV turning on by itself. Then she goes up stairs and sees water on the ground coming from her room.

Then it cuts to a little boy in his class room and his mom picks him up. His teacher tells his mom that the boy, Aidan, has drawn a picture of his dead cousin. He drew these pictures a week before the teacher tells his mom. But his cousin died three nights ago. Aidan tells his mother, Rachel, They don't have must time before they die. The cousin was the girl from the beginning and the cousin's mom asks Rachel to find out what happens. Then some of her friends start telling her about the tap and tells her that the cousin, Kattie, her boyfriend, Josh, was dead also. They died on the same night. So Rachel decides to find out what happened to them. 

Rachel finds the tap and then she watches it to try to find out what is on it. And then of course she gets the infamous phone call saying she is going to die in seven days. Sometime later she talks to a guy who she showed the tape to. His name is Noah. Noah does not get scared by the tape. Then the count down begins.

But will she find the answers behind this? She talks to Kattie's friend who says she will find out what happened in four days. She then finds the house depicted in the tap and talks to the owner about the tap. He says he can't help her but he knows something. Noah goes to the files archive and calls himself someone different. He tries to find the tap but it is missing and has the name Richard as the last person who watched it. 

Rachel watches something about the little girl and finds out that her father did something to her. But the father is the person who owns the house in the movie and he is trying to hide something. Then he ends up killing himself. Will Rachel find the truth before it is too late? Watch and find out. 

This movie was pretty good, not that many scares though. I thought it was going to be extremely scary but I didn't find it that scary.  Now I'm not going to lie there where a few good scares but not many. I really enjoyed it though, it was pretty good.

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