Thursday, October 8, 2015


TheReviewSpot had started back in 2009 originally because he had a large collection of figures and wasn't really doing anything with them. He says that they were sealed and sitting in a closet. Then he noticed that there were a couple of reviewers on Youtube posting videos talking about figures and he thought he give it a try himself. He reviews figures and collectibles mostly because of what he collected before starting Youtube, He always liked reviewing blind boxes and blind bags because you never know what your going to get and he likes the surprise. He is from Canada and he records Saturday and Sunday due to his work schedule. He tries to record 3-4 hours to make sure he gets all the reviews done. At night he sits down and edits the videos for the viewers. TheReviewSpot tries to have the viewers engaged, making them feel like they're in the room with him while he is doing the review. He said that he likes the audience to feel like they're included and never spoken down to. He always try to have fun with the videos and never takes his-self too seriously and makes sure the viewers are having fun also. It is great that people like him do this mainly because a lot of people really don't have the money to do it for themselves. He said he wishes he could do this full time but he can't. His name is Aaron but everyone, including himself in his videos calls him Spot. You should go check him out and show him some love. Go check him out on Youtube at TheReviewSpot and let me know what you think. 

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