Friday, October 23, 2015

Tyggbar (Twitch Streamer)

Her name is Kaia and she is 21 years old. She has been streaming in English since early January, 2015. Mostly, she plays games like CS:GO and H1Z1. She also plays scary games like Outlast and Amnesia. She has become the biggest streamer in Norway before but then she lacked on her streams. She has the most followers in Norway. Tyggbar has created an incredible community packed with great people from all kinds of backgrounds and experiences. My offline chat is always active and there always something going on. So if you are bored one day, go check out what is going on there. And she showed people, specially other girls streamers that it is possible to become big without selling yourself. "Personality and maybe some skill in the games = Gold mine my ladies." -Tyggbar.  I asked her if there was anything she wanted to say and she said this: "Read some of your blogs. You are writing really well, and I hope this will fall into your liking. Just one thing, don't make me sounds better than I am. I like being down to earth and not saying I'm better than anyone else, because I aint. Its just that my channel is big, but it doesn't make me any better. If you feel me :p" See and that response right there is what makes her different. She doesn't care about the money or if she is the most popular. She is a cool, down to Earth girl just like everyone else. She told me that streaming is just a hobby to her.

Currently, she studying for a bachelor (under-grade) in management and HR. On my second year, and loving it. Plus she is an HR-intern in a construction business, doing normal and boring HR work, and she loves it. Then a few times a month she clean apartments for extra money. Which I don't see how she do all that and still be an amazing streamer. Plus most people that do all that and stream, they think that they are too good to give people like me the time of day. I think that this is my favorite interview of all time, mainly because the answers she gave me were great and they were meaningful.

After 1 month of regular English stream, she was picked up by Forsen boys and that's when the she really started her adventures in streaming. A few Skype calls with Forsen and the subscribe button wasn't far away. Which for most people, that takes forever to achieve the button. This girl is amazing and a great streamer. She thinks that she is not unique or different from other streamers. But in the end, she is way more different and better than a lot of other streamers that I personally have seen (not going to mention them, because I do not talk about other streamers or anyone like when I am writing these.)

Her being down to Earth and not being stuck up or anything like that, that is what makes her a great streamer. Also I asked her what she would say if a random kid asked her for advice and she told me this: "The bad things in life will ALWAYS get better. Im a living proof of it, so dont stop believing in the things you want." Which that is so true and I can't believe that someone like her would say something like that. No one that I have interviewed had said that before.

The people that read this should defiantly go check out her channel and tell her how great she is. Here is the link to her channel here: She is a great streamer and an all around good down to Earth person. Plus she plays some great games and loves to interact with the viewers and her chat.

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