Saturday, October 31, 2015


Zeenigami is 24 years old and is also known as Zach. He started streaming over a year and a half ago. When he first started, he was streaming games like League of Legends, The Binding of Isaac, and a few other random games during which he'd cap off at 10 viewers max. It wasn't until about 9 months ago that he found One Piece Treasure Cruise, after which he decided that he wanted to help grow the community by making video walkthroughs of some of the islands. He is a really cool streamer and is great at what he does. He said that streaming is a hobby and that it doesn't even get him enough to buy lunch some days. As of the time of me writing this he currently does computer software to pay the bills. He love rogue-likes, action games, and RPG games. The Binding of Isaac is one of of favorite games to play. Also, he plays a good amount of League of Legends, and of course One Piece Treasure Cruise. He lives in Texas, which is in the United States. He doesn't have a set hour that he starts every day, but he tries his best to stream every day, for at least 3-4 hours a day. Usual his starting time is around 9 PM CST, but he can start earlier or later, it's quite random. This guy is really cool and you would have a lot of fun in his stream, even if you don't understand the game he will try to explain it to you. Go check him out and show him how awesome he is and have a great time watching him stream. Also he is really funny sometimes and the stuff that he says will get you in a good mood most of the time because he is that cool.

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