Friday, November 20, 2015

Eric Michels (Foreign Figures)

Foreign Figures is a band that consists of Eric Michels - who is the 24 year old lead singer, Steve Michels- the 27 year old drummer (Eric's brother), Jonny Tanner who is 26 and plays guitar and Seth Dunshee, also 26 plays base. They are all from Utah and have been on tours all over Utah and Idaho. They also want to start touring Las Vegas and places like that. Eric and Steve started writing music together but through a mutual friend who quite the band, they were introduced to Jonny and Seth. Jonny recorded a song for them in the studio and was brought into the band. Eric Michels said he didn't always want to start a band and worked as a man selling phones at T-Mobile. Eric was also going to school at Utah Valley University. He wanted to be a dentist or do something in the medical field but he grew up doing music and he discovered music was his passion. The band was started 2 years ago and that is also when Eric figured he wanted to be apart of a band. He grew up listening to Cold Play and U2 and that was sort of his influence. When Eric first performed music in front of a live audience, he was nervous and his face got red and he told me his throat was dry. He said he could barely finish the first song and it was hard for him but after a few years, he gained more confidence and got better. Eric's family does support them but they also think they are crazy for doing music full time. Even though his parents think the bad was a crazy thing to do, they do support the band and try to make it out to as many gigs as they can though.

Other than music, Eric also enjoys working out and does Cross-Fit when he is not working on music. He loves reading and he reads self help books. He also likes eating food and hanging out with his girlfriend. They had a band before Foreign Figures and switched it over a year and a half ago. The first song they sung as Foreign Figures was a cover song of "Sky Full of Stars" by Cold Play. They sing Alternative, Rock-Pop as there style of music but Eric likes to listen to different types of music in his own time. He is a big fan of Atmospheric, Indie, Ambient type music. He favorite singer is Andrew Bell. Eric likes to listen to calm music on his own time. They write all of their music on their own with no help from any outside sources. They also do covers of songs.

There is a song that he wrote called "Offline" but he said he never released it because himself and the band didn't like it. He told me that Screamo music is something he will never sing. Eric plays piano, the Synthesizer and acoustic guitar as well as singing. His older sister, he told me, was the first to ever sing in his family and she kind of inspired him to start singing. Steve, the drummer and his older brother is a good singer also.

Eventually the band came up the the idea of creating a YouTube channel to connect and reach out with people all over the world. That is where they got a lot of their fans from was on YouTube.

Eric said that if someone asked him for advise on becoming a singer he said "it is a lot of work and that talent won't get you any where, it's hard work. But is does pay off." He started in 8th grade and wasn't always a good singer but he worked hard and look where he is now.

This was my interview with Eric Michels, lead singer from Foreign Figures. Hope you enjoyed and go check them out on YouTube by clicking the link: and show them some support because they are a really amazing band and are great at what they do. I am a huge fan of them and if Foreign Figures reads this then leave a comment on what you think. Thanks for reading.

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