Thursday, November 5, 2015


GooseBreeder, also known as Mounira is a 19 year old streamer on the website She is different than other streamers because she is goofier than the other streamers. She streams and plays Counter Strike: Global Offensive for a living. Though she does this, GooseBreeder told me that she did not reach profitability yet. She is not able to make minimum wage and can not live off of streaming and CS:GO just yet. She is happy how things are going with her stream though. Which is good and should be the case for all streamers but it's not and a lot of streamers do it just for the money and fame. Those are the ones I will not interview. Mounira started streaming back in May of 2014 and she does a great job at it. She told me that if she had to give She said that if she had to give someone advise, she would say: "pick something that makes you happy and make it your life." She started off playing CS:GO casually and is really good at it and also funny. The at some point, she decided that she really liked the game and her main goal was just to get better every day. First she focused of improving her gun play and then she moved onto learning how to play situations properly. She learn the secrets to moving properly etc.. her main focus is being better than she was last season. When it comes to streaming, she likes to just be herself and play video games. She does this because she doesn't really know how to do anything much more than that.

She likes to play Counter Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, H1Z1 & recently started playing StarCraft II. Which are the games that most people play while streaming. GooseBreeder is from Canada but currently living in Quebec. She doesn't exactly have a set streaming schedule but she tries to stream daily, depending on whether or not she is practicing with the CS:GO team she is on Also it depends on what mood she and how she feels that day. Usually she puts CS:GO first and the stream second, although she does love streaming and her viewers, CS:GO is a big passion and she can't help but put it first. Mounira is still a great streamer and you should definitely go check her out when she does stream. She also has a channel on YouTube where she posts videos. Some accomplishments she is proud of includes : Finally getting my sub button and also even though she doesn't always have the highest view count, she has quality viewers who tune in almost every stream and make her experience better. You can go check her out on Twitch and follow her on Twitter to know when she is streaming next. @goosebreeder Go show her some love and tell her how amazing she is.

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