Monday, November 23, 2015

Hawaii Snack Box- Subscription Box

Today I am doing a review of the Hawaii Snack Box. You can go to to get your own snacks from the islands delivered to your door. It is like being in Hawaii but at home. This subscription is 25 dollars a month and you get it every month. Let us now get into the review. Hope you enjoy and let me know what you think in the comments below.

The first item I have for you today is the Island Princess Mele Macs. These Mac nuts are  covered in delicious toffee, smooth milk chocolate, and dusted with powdered sugar. These looked really good when I first saw them. They are really small and you get two of them but they are extremely tasty. You taste the chocolate first then you taste the peanut. It sort of tastes like the peanut M&Ms you get in in Amercia. Really good but a little too much chocolate. You don't taste a whole lot of the peanut, like you can taste it but barely taste it.

Next we have the Meiji Chocorooms, Milk and dark chocolate combination with a crispy cracker. Now these things look like mushrooms the chocolate is the top part and the crispy cracker is the stem. These things were not as big as I expected. Now the cracker part itself does not have a whole lot of flavor but the dark chocolate and the milk chocolate complement each other very well. These are really good if you like chocolate because they taste like a Kit Kat almost. I am a big fan of these things and even though they are small, you get a pretty decent amount of them.

Next we have Diamond Bakery Original Animal Crackers. The Diamond Bakery on Oahu makes classic bakery items with a local twist. these are their original animal crackers. They also make them with Maui
Sugar flavor and Cinnamon Flavor. I like how the bag looks on these because the design is very creative and colorful. The crackers themselves are shaped like ocean animals. On the back it tells you what each cracker is shaped like. There is a Shark, which I sadly did not get, a Dolphin, which I did not get either, a Humpback Whale, an Octopus and a Loonfish. Which these look exactly like they do on the package and I got eight in my package. These do not taste like the animal crackers I am used too, they do not have a whole lot of flavor and they taste sort of burnt. They taste like a plain cracker. Not a huge fan of these but they do taste good.

The next item is Bananas and Coconuts- Coconut Candy. Located in Kula, Maui, they make all of their candies by hand using fresh local coconuts and sugar can. These things are like bit size and smell pretty disgusting. Now I do not like coconut at all, I despise it and will not eat it unless I do not have a choice which right now I don't. They are chewy and a little hard. I am not a big fan of these and that is probably because I do not like coconut and these taste like coconut. If you are a fan of coconut, then you will like these.

Next item we have is Island Princess Lightly Salted Macadamia Nuts. Hawaii's most popular nut, lightly salted. This is one of the signature treats of the islands. Sure to give you a taste of Hawaii. I am going to start off by saying, I do not like just nuts and these do not taste like nuts I am use too. Probably because I do not eat a lot of nuts. Also, I didn't really taste a lot of the salted part of these. I mean if you like macadamia nuts, then you will like these but I do not so I didn't.

The last item we have is the Hawaiian Natural T.E.A. It is pineapple and strawberry flavored organic green and white tea. It can be used for both hot and iced tea. So I do not usually drink tea because I am not a tea person so this was interesting. I made it hot and this was actually pretty good tea. It tastes like tea but more like water and pineapple. I didn't really taste the strawberry but for this being tea, it was actually pretty good and I enjoyed it.

You also get a little card that tells you a little bit about the cultures of Hawaii which is pretty interesting.

In the end this was a pretty good subscription box and I liked most of it. It was a pretty interesting experience and it turned out pretty good. I am not sure if the items change or not but if they did then I would be interested in getting this again. Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed, this was the my review of the Hawaii Snack Box. Check it out here and get your own:

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