Sunday, November 1, 2015


I was lucky enough to be sent a Jerky Gram from the people at MANCRATES.COM. Now this is a subscription box that is sent to you every month. You get three different bags of beef jerky based on the flavors that you want. I got the teriyaki kind and it was really good. The box is brown with a black picture of a cow and it has the name and website of the box. See this is really great if you love beef jerky or if you just love subscription boxes in general. It is also good for if you don't know what the best kind of beef jerky is or the worst kind is.

So the first bag of beef jerky is the Field Trip all natural, gluten free, teriyaki beef jerky. The bag is like a tan color with yellow mountains and a cow. There is also green grass at the bottom and a little clear area so you can see what the jerky looks like. Then the bag opens side ways. Now, when I opened the bag and smelled it, I could smell the teriyaki part of it but it was like a really strong smell. I can tell you that it really doesn't smell like any other beef jerky I have had before. I mean don't get me wrong it does smell like teriyaki but it also smells really bad. So the beef jerky itself like falls apart when you are taking it out of the bag. It looks good though, looks like any other beef jerky. So the texture is sort of like rubber then when you are chewing on it, the beef jerky gets dry. But for the taste, you can sort of taste the teriyaki part but it doesn't really taste like meet. I don't know if that because of the gluten free part or what. Now one thing is that the flavor of it is only there for like maybe a minute then it gets bland. I am not a fan of the bag but it is good if you cannot have gluten. Then you get a bad after taste in your mouth.

Next we have Jeff's Famous Beef Jerky, sweet teriyaki with real steak and intense flavor. This bag looks cool because it is like a shiny gold color and it has a picture of a cowboy riding his horse and there are two cows. This beef jerky smells really good, you can definitely smell the sweetness of it and also the teriyaki aspect of it too. This is like long strips feels like rubber when you hold it. It doesn't break apart first thing you take it out of the bag. It's a little hard to chew but not too hard. The taste is really sweet and not too strong. The taste also stays in mouth for a really long time. teriyaki flavor is there but not that strong. The sweetness though, that is strong. It really hits you sweet it is right when you take the first bite of it. I highly recommend this one if you like teriyaki flavored beef jerky. Really sweet but it sort of takes over the teriyaki part of the flavor though. Also it doesn't get too dry when you are eating it.

Next we have Country Archer all natural beefy jerky Teriyaki flavor. The bag for this one is black for the most part with an Indian head on it. It is hard but not that hard, it feels like what beef jerky should feel like. This one is pretty good, the it's not too sweet and actually taste like what teriyaki beef jerky is suppose to taste like. The teriyaki flavor is like its there but not too strong it is consistent with the flavoring. It doesn't get better, it doesn't get worse. It just stays the same flavor the whole time you are eating it. Also it is sweet but it is not too sweet. If you are looking for teriyaki flavored beef jerky, this is the one for you. I have to say that this one is probably my favorite out of all of them. This bag is really good. Like I said, not too over powering with flavor but just the right, constant flavor.

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