Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Mark Angels

Mark Angels is a 21 year old song writer and singer from Scotland in the United Kingdom. He makes videos on YouTube and Has even sang for a TV advertisement. He had started singing from a young age and his inspiration was from watching and listening to other singers like Chris Brown, Miguel, Justin Timberlake and Beyonce. He said that these were definitely part of his inspiration along with the support of his family and friends. Mark does this for a living along with a few other things. Other than music, he enjoys playing sports eating and traveling. He said he can't remember the first song he wrote but he remembers singing "Ben" by Micheal Jackson as karaoke. He told me that was his go to song for singing karaoke. The best advice he was ever given was Never compromise your artistry for acceptance. Which if anyone that reads this is trying to become a singer then you should listen to this and also never give up. I asked what would be Advice that Mark said he would give people who are trying to become a popular singer like him and he said: "I would reply saying to train yourself and to promote yourself as much as you can!" Which is great advice because if you are trying to become big, no matter what you do then you need to do this.  He writes all his own songs but couldn't pick a best or worst one because there are too many. Mark also said that if he had to pick his style of music, he would pick R&B and Pop. Mark does also play a few instruments like the piano and clarinet and a few more. He doesn't hate any genre of music. He said that he can appreciate everything! But he said that would not ever sing any screemo or Heavy Metal because it would be too hard on him and it would probably ruin his voice. He also told me that his mother sings and has probably been in some of his videos with him.

Mark Angels is an amazing singer and an all around cool man. He was nice enough to let me ask him questions for me to write in my blog. I just want to say that you should all go check him out and show him some love and support. He is an awesome singer and has a great voice, not to mention that the songs he writes are also amazing.

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