Thursday, November 19, 2015

My Bio (A Little Bit About Me)

I am going to tell you all a little bit about me. This is going to about me and why I started a blog. So, hear it goes. Hope you all enjoy.

So to start off my name is Thomas Lallemand and I live in Pennsylvania, America. I am 18, my favorite color is green, my favorite animal is a tiger, I love tacos and pizza.  I graduated high school from a tech school called Lenape for CADD/Pre-Engineering and started this blog because I had nothing else to do. When I was born, I popped a hole in both my lungs the size of a quarter and I was legally dead. But then thanks to my dad being by my side and praying for me and the power of God, I was brought back. I was born with Ataxia which effects my muscles and causes me to shake and jerk. I also had to have surgery on both my knees because my knee cap would pop out of place. All throughout school, I was always made fun of and picked on because people thought I couldn't do anything about it. Even to this day, I get made fun of and I just learned to ignore it and keep going with life. I want everyone who reads this to realize, no matter what, do not give up on life and find something you're good at and go with it. Never give up, no matter how big the obstacle, you can make it through.

I have always been good at typing and creating stories because I that is what I grew up doing.  See but when it comes to my blog, I just forget about all that. I love writing and this was a way to share what I write with the world. My blog is my safe place I guess you could say. I love watching movies and playing video games so I figured why not do reviews about them. Then I heard about subscription boxes and saw people doing reviews of them and though, "why can't I do that? There's nothing stopping me. So I contacted different subscription services and some of them say yes and a lot of them tell me no. Even though they tell me no, I still keep going. Then I figured that I could also do interviews with people also. Interviewing people is really fun and I find it interesting because you get to learn more about your favorite singers, YouTubers and Streamers and more people. I love trying new things and seeing what is out there and this is a great way of doing so. I am a really good writer and I love doing what I do. I play video games, watch movies, eat, and thought about doing a review of the stuff I use or watch every day I try to post something new every day or every other day before 6 P.M. or 7 P.M.

This was a little bit about me and I why I started a blog. Hope you enjoyed and let me know what you think in the comments bellow.

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About Me

My Bio (A Little Bit About Me)