Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Pod (2015)

A family intervention goes horrifically awry within the snowy confines of an isolated lake house. A man goes walking through a snowy forest, maybe hunting or something but then he finds a wolf that was killed by some creature. He then gets surrounded by the creature and in a panic starts shooting, hoping to hit the creature. It then cuts to a guy visiting his sister at her house. I guess his sister is like addicted to drugs or has some problems and is not to happy to see him, her name is Lyla. They have to go get a man named Martin, who is in some kind of trouble. This is there brother and the three of them have lost their parents. Now Martin is in trouble and Ed, the brother who went to see Lyla, and Lyla must help him. They arrive at his house and something seems out of place. Martin is on edge about something and pulls a gun on his brother and sister. He is like going insane and is acting crazy. He tells them he has something locked in the basement. Martin says he has a pod in the basement and he also says that he was experimented on in a desert. Lyla and Ed are in a bed room speaking to each other. Martin hears them and ends up killing himself. Ed and Lyla find a room with weird stuff in it. Then they go into the basement to see what is down there but they are prepared for what they see. But what happens next? Will they survive? Watch for yourself and find out. This was a pretty interesting movie and I really enjoyed it. It was not all that scary but it was interesting and strange. This was a different kind of movie. I recommend you check this out.

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