Friday, November 13, 2015

Pop Pop Shoppe- Popcorn of the Month!

I am bringing to you guys the Pop Pop Shoppe- Popcorn of the Month subscription service. They send you a bag of popcorn to you door every month. You can one, two or three bags each month. These are giant 55 cup bags of popcorn starting out at 45 dollars a month. You may be saying to yourself: "I am not paying 45 dollars for a bag of popcorn." But the price is worth it because of the amount of popcorn you get and it tastes really good. This months Popcorn of the Month was caramel popcorn. I just want to start of with is not like the popcorn you get at your local store. When I got the box, I could smell the popcorn and it smelt Amazing. I was going to wait till tomorrow to review this but it just looked to good to wait, so I doing it today! This popcorn is not as sticky as other popcorn plus it tastes better. Now with Pop Pop Shoppe popcorn, you taste the saltiness of the popcorn but it is not to strong. With the caramel part of it, it is not too strong either but you can still tell that it is there. It is also sweet but the sweetness is not too over whelming. I like it also because it is crunchy but not super hard. Other popcorn I have had was really hard to bite into and it hurt my teeth but not this popcorn. If you are looking to get some really great popcorn then go check out Pop Pop Shoppe's Popcorn of the month. It is a little pricey but trust me, it is worth and if I had the money then I would most defiantly buy more. It has great flavor and you get a large amount of it. You might be saying something like it is just popcorn, but you have not had popcorn until you tried Pop Pop Shoppe. Click the link hear to go check it out and subscribe to them: It might not seem like it but it is a really good deal.

Hey you!! Yea you, the one reading this. Do you like collectibles? Do you like Minecraft collectibles?Cool me too! Go check out Minechest. They are a monthly subscription box that sends Minecraft related items to your door every month. I know, awesome right?!! So yea, click here: and go check out all the cool stuff they have in the Minechest. 

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