Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Portal 2- Review

I am bringing you a different kind of review today. It is the video game Portal 2 and I want to know what you guys think. Let me know what you guys the of idea of video game reviews and if I should do some more reviews like this. Hope you enjoy let me know if you do. I was given this game by the Twitch streamer, BuddySinister. He is a really cool streamer and you should check him out on Twitch. Any way, lets get into it.

This game places you in a testing facility and you are one of the test subjects. You test something called a Portal Gun which is used to shoot 2 portals to get you from point A to point B but something has gone wrong and a robot, Wheatley is trying to help you get out of said facility. He tells you to get the gun and then you go through the training process. At the end of every level, even the training levels you go through a vaporizer elevator that takes you to the next area and discards all items that you do not need. When you first get the gun, you get the blue portal first then further in the game you get the orange one. Eventually you'll run into GLaDOS who was the robot from the first Portal game. She was the one who made you go through test after test until you take her down. But now she is back and she is awake again. Now she wants revenge and tries to make you go through the tests again. The further you get in the game, the more challenging the levels get. There is a point in this game where Wheatley comes back and helps you get out of the testing chambers again. Now you must escape and take out GLaDOS and stop the facility before it is too late.

You must go through the mechanical area of the facility to get through to where GLaDOS is at. Once you get to her,  there is a voice that says that you get replace her with another core and that is Wheatley. So you replace her. It turns out that Wheatley is bad and he was the one who turned GLaDOS bad. She said that he was a tumor to her and was telling her bad ideas. Now she is a potato and she tells you that Wheatley was designed to be a moron and now he is in charge of the facility.

Once this happens you must now go through the old testing part of the facility, this is where they bring gels into the game. There is a blue gel which makes you bounce which you must use to get through parts of the game. There is white gel which can be used to place portals and orange gel which makes you run faster. You are eventally reunited with GLaDOS who is potato on your portal gun now.

Wheatley makes tests and forces you to through them while GLaDOS finds a way to stop him. Wheatley does not know what he is doing and is causing the facility to self destruct. Then he tries to kill you but you get out of the trap just in time. Throughout the final chapter of the game, he keeps trying to kill you. Then you come face to face with Wheatley for the final showdown. You must use his bombs against him and then put in the cores to corrupt him. You must use all the gels to get the cores and you have to put three cores into him. In the end, you put a portal on the moon which sucks Wheatley to said moon. You get pulled through with him but GLaDOS saves you.

This game has 9 total chapters and throughout each chapter you must complete a set number of tasks until, each one more challenging than the last. Portal 2 is a really fun game though and it is great if you love puzzle/challenge based games. And it had a really interesting ending which you must find out on your own. I recommend that you play the first one before you play this one though. Play both of them because they are both fun.

you can get portal 2 off of Steam for around five dollars. The voice acting is amazing and so are the levels in this game. I recommend you play the first portal game though and if someone gives it to me, then I would be more than happy to play it and do a review of it along with other games. If you play this then let me know what you think of it in the comments or on my Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tommysblog676/. That is also where you find my other posts and follow me on Twitter for updates: @TLallemand1.

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