Monday, November 30, 2015

Resident Evil

This movie starts out by telling you about a company called Umbrella Co-operations. Then it shows someone handling viruses. One of these is green and the other one is blue, the blue causes people to turn into zombies and green stops the virus. The green one is called the T-Virus and the blue is the called the G-Virus. The man handling them throws the G-Virus and runs away with the T-Virus. The G-Virus gets into the vents of a facility and this causes everything to shut down. There is a group of people trapped in the elevator and they can't get out. One of them tries to squeeze out of the elevator doors but gets stuck. She dies and so does everyone else in the building. Or so you think.

Then you meet a woman, her name is Alice. She wakes up in a mansion not knowing anything about what is going on. This is because of the Hive's defense. She gets tackled by a man who says he is a cop. His name is Mathew. Then there is a special force group that breaks into the house. They have been sent by Umbrella to get the T-Virus. They find the Hive, this is the place where it all started and they are all going into it. In this place, there is a security system that watches them through out the who movie. Four of the special force members go through a hall which has lasers that come at him. All of them die quickly except for one man. He tries to doge the lasers but ends up dying in the end. There is a hologram that pops up after and it is called the Red Queen. This is the security system that is used to protect the Umbrella facility.

The Umbrella special force team shuts her down but that is a big mistake as it releases all of the infected. Rain, one of the people one the team finds a "survivor" but gets bit and shoots her. Then all the infected come out of no where. There is an epic stand off while the team tries to get an elevator open but they open it for no reason because the infected are inside it. Another member gets killed.

The group then must try to get the T-Virus and escape but The Red Queen makes that hard because she will not allow it. One by one each member gets taken out, will anyone survive the chaos and get out of the Hive. Watch and find out. If you like zombie movies then you will enjoy this one.

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