Sunday, November 8, 2015

R.L. Stine's Monsterville: The Cabinet of Souls (2015)

Teenage friends must resist the spell of an evil showman staging a house of horrors show in their small town. So the first part of this movie was a girl who smashed a pumpkin and turned into a monster. Then it cuts to Kellen and his friend waiting on their two other friends, Beth and Nicole. They are having a fun time at a carnival for Halloween. Kellen has a crush on Beth but doesn't know how to ask her, obvious because that is how it always goes. There is a dance competition and everyone is having a fun time and then a creepy man and woman interrupt it to tell everyone about a haunted house. Then after all that is over Beth goes home and is watching TV where the news is talking about the girl from the beginning. You know, the one who turned into a monster. The next day at school, a new kid called Hunter arrives at school and all the friends go to the haunted house together. Kellen is walking home from school though the Halloween festival and the woman who is in charge of the haunted house starts talking to him. Her name is Lillith and she is telling Kellen about Beth and that she should be with him and not Hunter. Then the night for the haunted house opening and everyone is going into it. Every thing is all fun and games until Beth sees something she is not suppose to see. She tells her friends that the place is not all that it seems to be. Then one of the kids ends up going with the man in charge of the haunted house and something weird happens to him. What will happen next? Will the friends uncover the truth? Watch for yourself and find out. This movie is great for the whole family no matter what age you are. This is another movie from the master who brought you the TV/book series Goosebumps, R.L. Stine. And this movie is amazing and reminds me so much of the Goosebumps series. I recommend if you liked Goosebumps or just like Halloween themed movies, then you should definitely go check this one out. You can buy the DVD from Best Buy's website for $13.99 or Amazon for 12.99. It also stars Dove Cameron and Ryan McCartan from Liv and Maddie on Disney Channel.

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