Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Embedded image permalinkUnicornHole also known as Monica is a 30 year old Twitch streamer and has started streaming for the social outlet back in January of 2015 after she was hanging out in other communities on Twitch for some time. She has always had some hobby that was in the nerd spectrum, the one previous to streaming being text-based para role play in a chat realm she created. Which is pretty cool if you ask me. She said that streaming came naturally to her since she gamed a lot of the time, regardless of being on camera or not. See which this is how a lot of people start streaming. She told me that she does not do this for a living. Despite the fact that she has many generous viewers who help keep her channel running financially, she does not stream for a living nor does she plan to. She play games to relieve stress, and turning this into a career means it would not provide me the same outlet. I asked her what she would say if a kid asked her for advice and this was he response: "I guess, no one really knows what they are doing and everyone has fears. Live to enjoy your life while making sure that doesn't bring others down." She said that before she started streaming, she would spend around 4-6 months getting things ready and making sure she was willing to make the commitment before she ever decided broadcast to the world. She play a variety of games and she plays games that she finds to be fun and entertaining. She told she thinks of herself as a true variety caster in that sense. RPGs tend to be her favorite genre.

UnicornHole is from the United States and still lives in there. She try to stream Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday during the evening in Eastern Standard Time. Everyone should go check her out and tell her how awesome she is. UnicornHole is mainly proud of the community that has been built around her stream. Which is almost as amazing of a community as she is a streamer.  She is just a small part of the "UNI-verse" in reality.

Chat makes the channel just as fun as she does. She recently had a charity 24 hour stream where were she was able to raise $3500 towards Able Gamers Charity. She said that would have to have been the biggest highlight for her stream and her thus far. UnicornHole also added: "Streaming professionally or casually is not always an easy process but it can be very rewarding." If you are looking for someone to watch on Twitch or something to watch in general, go check her out because she is an amazing streamer and is awesome at what she does.

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