Saturday, December 26, 2015

A different kind of story.

So I am going to tell you all a little story about a young man who's name is Bert. Now all throughout Bert's life he has lied, stolen and done drugs. Every time he did something wrong like hit his brother, stole money from his parents and done drugs, He would lie about it and everyone would believe him because no one ever saw him doing the bad stuff. He would pretend to do charity and help people out but when no one was looking, he popped a pill or smoked a bong or took money from the charity place and no one saw him so they blamed someone else. See but one day, Bert stole money from his dad and got caught. His dad could not believe he was doing this and Bert was sent to his room and punished for doing this. But he still stole, did drugs and lied behind his fathers back. Meanwhile his dad thought to himself : "What if all of the stuff he said he didn't do was a lie? Or what if he was into drugs?"

So Bert's father started to keep a close eye on him and followed to the so called "charities" he worked for. This is how Bert's father found out Bert was not the man he thought he knew. Bert's father got upset and then came up with a plan. He was going to set a trap to catch his son in the act and then scare him straight so he would stop all the non sense. So what Bert's father was going to do was hire actors and create a fake drug deal that Bert would participate in.

The next day, Bert got a call from an unknown number to buy some drugs. Bert showed up not knowing it was going to be fake. All was going as planned until actual cops showed up with guns. Bert was scared and did not know what to do. Then Bert's father came out of his hiding spot and told Bert what was going on. But then a random group of kids showed up with guns and shot at Bert. See, but even though Bert did all the stuff he did, his father still jumped in front of him and stopped the bullets.

All went silent and when the smoke from the guns cleared, a body was on the ground. The body was not Bert nor was it any of the other people involved. It was a little girl. She walked in front of the kids with the guns thinking it was all a game they were playing. But it was not a game and the little girl lost her life.

Bert was sent to jail and so were the other kids. Bert changed his ways and started to straighten up but at what cost? A little girls life? Now he would have to live his life knowing that he was the cause of her death. See but he couldn't live with it and ended his own life at the age of 23.

I wrote this little story to show you all what happens if you start to lie, steal and get into drugs. Granted it may not effect you or maybe you don't care if it effects you but think about what could happen to your family and friends, all you loved ones. If you don't stop with all of that stuff and straighten up, it not only could ruin your life but it could also ruin someone else's.

I hope you all read this and change your ways before it is too late and even if you think you can't stop, you still have to try. Leave a comment down bellow what you think about this or go to my Facebook and my Twitter and leave a message or comment or tweet. (@TLallemand1) Thank you for the support and let me know what you guys would like to see on my blog next.

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