Thursday, December 17, 2015

Addie Nicole(Lead Singer in the band Halocene) Interview

So, after around a month or two, I finally got to interview the lead singer of Halocene. This is a Pop/Rock/Barbie Metal band as they call themselves. They take Pop songs and add a sort of Rock mix to them. You can check them out on YouTube by click this link: and make sure you subscribe to them because they are awesome. The lead singer is Addie Nicole who is 24 years old. There is also Brad who plays guitar, Sebastian plays the base, Joe is the drummer and Cash, who is another Guitarist but he does not show up in the videos. All the members, except Cash, live together and that is why Cash does not appear in videos as much. All of the members are in their twenties.

They started making videos around the same time the band was formed back in 2008. They started making videos because they wanted to promote their songs and the band. Then they started the covers because a fan of theirs requested they do a cover and it did really successful. They do covers once every week and have been doing that for a little over a year.

Addie, Brad and Cash met in 2008 and they meet Joe in 2010 or 2011. Then Sebastian was running sound for the band a little over a year ago and they said he should play base for them.

Addie said she started to sing as soon as she learned how to talk and has been singing ever since. Her inspiration was from Disney movies and shows she use to watch when she was younger. She was always in chorus during school. She said she would not know what to do without music in her life. Along with singing, she also plays guitar and piano. She told me that Brad plays guitar, piano, drums and base along with singing.

She was not always as confident as she is now. Growing up, she said she didn't really have many friends and she did not talk to many people. Addie's parents were there by her side from a really young age. Her inspiration came from Arial from the TV show: "My Little Mermaid." She also found inspiration from Avril Lavigne.

Halocene makes enough money to support itself but not enough to make a living off of. They do other stuff also and even has a second band. The second band is not all rock covers though. Brad and Addie have a recording studio where they make jingles and songs for radios and other stuff like that.

Halocene is an independent band which means they do everything on their own. They still make YouTube videos and go on tour. It is hard for them because when they go on tour, they have to stop all of the videos and things like that. They still manage to go on tour every summer. The general route they take is from Phoenix, Arizona up to Wisconsin and back.

Other than music she loves video games and is a fan of Zelda. She even has a Zelda tattoo on her wrist. Joe has a fitness channel on YouTube and Sebastian loves anime.

Addie's mom sings and her dad plays guitar. Her mom even has trophies and ribbons from when she was younger.

Addie's favorite song from the band she told me was "Make It Loud." She does not like to sing songs that are boring and not fun. Her most disliked music is indie music that is weird and does not have a lot of emotion behind it.

She said that advice for someone who wants to be a singer is that you have to love what you do and it is a lot of hard work.

This was my interview with Addie Nicole. She is the lead singer of the band Halocene. I hope you all enjoyed and leave a comment down bellow if you did enjoy this.

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