Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Facebook(my thoughts)

There is a website called Facebook and Everyone is probably familiar with it. You can go on there and talk to your friends and family from all over the world. I use it to talk to people I interview for my blog and also to sell and buy stuff. Facebook can be good for a lot of things whether it be sharing a picture, talking to a friend from a far away place, selling stuff, business or even video chat nowadays. There are even a bunch of really fun and interesting games you can play there. Also if someone you know needs money but is too far away from you, then you can give them money over Facebook. Facebook is really good for keeping contact with people you don't get to see anymore. Granted Facebook is good for all of those things but there is also a lot of drama and stupid stuff that happens on Facebook. People always start rumors or fake photos or even hack into your account and make you look bad. Facebook is always getting hacked. This can lead to people posing to be you and making you look bad or they can even steal your credit card information. Facebook is really good for people to keep in contact and for people to do business on but you have to be careful and watch what you are doing, who you talk to and what you put on your Facebook page.

Nowadays companies even look on your Facebook to see if there is anything bad that you posted or if someone tagged you in a bad picture. If they find something bad on there, then chances are they will not hire you.

Facebook is not all that bad though. Say you are someone who just started a new business or blog or YouTube channel. You can post links to your new videos or posts for people to check out. This is also a way for many people to connect with their fans. Fans can tell a person hi or tell them if they are doing a good job or not. Then the person can ask their fans what they did wrong and they can improve on the peoples feedback.

In the end Facebook is great for a lot of things but you have to be careful what you do on their because it could effect your whole life.

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