Sunday, December 13, 2015

FPSFREEK CQC from KontrolFreeks

So I recently bought the FPSFREEK CQC from the company KontrolFreeks. These are attachments that you snap onto your controller analog sticks. KontrolFreeks are meant to improve your accuracy and performance in your games. These are used by a lot of competitive gamers and clans. I myself am somewhat of a competitive gamer and play the Battlefield games.
They come in a cardboard box with a plastic see through part. Then there is a background that is a different color and pattern depending on what kind you get. The pattern for the ones I got was a sort of tan camouflage color. They also tell what kind you are getting. 

These things actually work well for me because they allow for smoother movements. The KontrolFreeks also allow for more accurate aiming because they do not take as much force to move. I am saying that the KontrolFreeks take less force because they add more length to the analog sticks. See what I found out was that with the analog sticks, they take a lot of force to push and sometimes they stick. But with the KontrolFreeks, you do not have to push the analog sticks as hard to make your in game character move and/or turn. They also give you more of a grip so your thumbs do not slip when trying to turn or move fast. All you have to do is snap these onto your analog sticks and you are good to go. These attachments are $11.99 at the time of this post.

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