Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Graze (Week of December 14th, 2015)

Today I have for you another subscription box. This is called Graze and you can get this every week or every other week. You can get this box as a one time deal or you can get it reoccurring. There is also a free 4 item box for your first time so you can see if you like it. There is also a list where you choose your likes and dislikes. What ever you choose for your likes and dislikes will somewhat determine what you get in your box. I am going to be reviewing the free box based on what they chose for me. You can different types of boxes like the 8 item variant box, protein box, flapjack box, sweet treat box and a few others. The prices are different for each box but does go over $11.99. This is my review of the 4 item free trial box. Hope you enjoy it.

image of white chocolate dip and wild blueberry toastsThe first item we have is the blueberry toasts with white chocolate. The blueberry toasts are small little pieces that look like bread and there is a compartment to dip them in the white chocolate. The white chocolate looks like icing almost. These things smell delicious and look good too. The blueberry toasters are crunchy but not too crunchy. At first you can taste the the bread flavor of it. It starts off tasting like a muffin. Then a little after that, you can taste the white chocolate dip and in the end, you can taste the blueberry. See, like once you are almost done chewing the blueberry toasters, that is when the blueberry taste kicks in. These are really good if like blueberry and white chocolate or you can eat them without the white chocolate, they are still good. The flavor does not go away and it makes you want even more of them.

image of southwestern corn crunchNext we have the Southwestern Corn Crunch which contains corn chips, salsa almonds, corn nuts and jumbo chili corn.. The nuts and corn look spicy but do not smell spicy. To be honest they just smell let regular nuts. See but when you smell them individually, you can smell the spice. The salsa almonds taste like almonds with a little kick. Now the jumbo chili corn does not taste like corn but it does taste like chili. The corn nuts taste like the original flavored Frito chips. The corn chips just tasted like the corn nuts did. All of these together tastes like your eating a spicy trail mix. If you like spicy stuff then you will like this.

image of caramel appleThe next item is the caramel apple which is caramel sauce and soft apple pieces. All these things look like are dried up apple slices and a caramel dipping sauce. The apple pieces have a weird texture to them and I was not thinking they were soft by looking at them. They do not really have a smell to them and without the caramel they taste like apples but have a weird after taste. With the caramel however, They do not taste that good. I mean it does not really taste like a caramel apple and that may be because they are dried up.

image of lemon drizzle flapjackThe last item we have is the lemon drizzle flap jack. It looks like a lemon square with a icing drizzle on the top. It sure does smell good and smells like lemon. The lemon drizzle flapjack is soft and a little messy. This thing tastes really good. It tastes like a lemon square. You can taste the lemon but it is not too over powering. It also has a sort of oat taste to it. If you like lemon then you will like this. This was really good and also really sweet.

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