Thursday, December 10, 2015

Hurt (2009)

A family is moving out of their house and into a new one. They move into a house in the middle of no where with a pack of wolves being the closest life form around them. They is also a gas station a few miles down the road from where they  live. The place they move into is a complete dump and there are old car parts every where. There is a mother(Helen Coltrane) and her two children, Lenore and Conrad, who have lost their father/husband. The house they are living in is their uncle Darryl's ranch. Helen is chosen to be Sarah Parson's foster mom. Sarah is a foster child who lost her mom and dad when she was young.

Once Sarah movies in, some strange stuff starts to occur like Lenore's pet duck dies. Also, Helen gives Sarah a little light and it gets thrown across the room when Helen leaves. When the duck dies, Lenore blames her uncle for it and searches his room for the key. She doesn't find the key but she sees something strange with Sarah. More and more strange things happen and the two siblings blame it on their uncle, thinking it is him. One day, Conrad's girlfriend is leaving after visiting him and her car breaks down and she falls on a spike.

Helen says she can't afford to take care of Sarah anymore and in return, Sarah starts to cause trouble like filming Helen in the shower and blaming it on Darryl. Conrad finds Sarah with his girlfriends purse and Sarah said she found it and then she said that it was given to her then she kissed Conrad. Then Conrad confronts her and she drops a metal car hood on him. After this, she starts to sabotage everything like Helen's medication and the phone line is cut.

Will anyone survive? What happens next? Watch and find out. This movie was a good movie even though it was not as scary as I thought it was going to be. It was still a good movie and I enjoyed it a lot. Hope you watch it and let me know what you think when you do watch it.

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