Wednesday, December 9, 2015


I recently got the opportunity to do an interview with another member of the Dames of Destiny clan. Her name is Camilla and she goes by Missfortune 21 on Twitch and you can watch her stream by clicking this link: Also click here: Dames to watch Dames of Destiny, an all girl clan on Destiny.

Missfortune 21 also known as Camilla is a twitch streamer and a member of Dames of Destiny. She joined the clan around October of 2015. She was looking for some people to do the raid with and she came across this all female group. She said it made sense because she was new to the game at the time and she was uncertain of teaming up with complete strangers. She said the thought of an all female group made it a bit more comforting.

She is a member of the Xbox One side of Dames. Camilla told me that she is still friends with some of the people she did her very first raid with. She had played video games her whole life off and on. Her first system ever owned was the original PlayStation console. She would also go to friends houses and play games for hours and hours. Gaming has always been a hobby for her and an escape route from reality.

I asked her how old she was and she told me that she was probably too old to be playing video games. But come on, too old to play video games? You are never too old for video games. If that is what you enjoy doing then don't think you are too old. No matter what you do, however old you are, if you enjoy doing something then just go with it.

Camilla is originally from Oslo which is in Norway but she recently moved to London a few years ago. She found Dames of Destiny on She searched for female clans and they were one of the first results to pop up. Missfortune 21 is very thankful for all the people she has met via BelleBunny and Dames.

Along with Destiny, she also plays Halo and is about to start playing Battlefront she might even pick up Black Ops 3.

I asked Camilla: "What advice would you give someone who wants to be like you?" This was her response: "To be like me? Don't. I would say that they should strive to be themselves and focus on having fun in terms of gaming and streaming. If this question is about skill level I would also just say that you just got to keep practicing and play a lot."

I hope you enjoyed this and learned a bit more about Missfortune_21. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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