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Send Me Gluten Free (December 2015) with giveaway

I have been sent a a subscription box for Gluten free snacks. This is the review I did, hope you enjoy and make sure you read to the very end to find out how to win your own free box. Each month you can get gluten free snacks delivered to your door. Enjoy the review and comment what you think down bellow.

The first item we got in the December box is dark chocolates from Amore di Mona. There are three different pieces I got: caramel, caramel with cranberries and dark chocolate. I must say the designs on these things look pretty cool. The box it came in had like a little ribbon on it and inside there was a card that told you the different flavors. One of the chocolates were shaped like a heart and the other two were like bars with a drizzled design on them. When you bit into it, the chocolate is soft almost. I mean you don't have to worry about breaking your teeth or anything like that. Now the chocolate itself is really bitter and I was not a fan of it. There was not anything I liked about this, but if you enjoy dark chocolate then I guess you'll like this.

Next we have Lentil Oven Baked Crackers with sea salt. And again, I like the package it came in, it looks really cool. The crackers are really thin and don't really smell like anything. The smell of them is bland. They are a little crunchy but they taste good. They are sort of bland and don't have much of a taste. I mean there is an after taste that tastes like the ocean water. Would probably taste better with something like a dip or some kind of cheese. They are bit size, little crackers though.

There are also Multi-Grain Crackers with sea salt. These come in a little brown package with not much of a design on them. There is a little see through section that allows you to look at what the crackers look like. These crackers sort of smell like peanut butter and they have like little black seeds in them. Or at least I think they are seeds. They also have a little shin to them and are coated in something. Again, they taste a little bland but they do taste really good though. They taste like nuts and they are really thing and crunchy.

In this months box, you also get a little packet of Justin's Chocolate, Hazelnut Butter blend. It comes in a little squeeze pouch. It is a little messy. It is probably suppose to be eating on toast or something like that but I did not have any so I ate it straight out of the pouch. This actually tasted pretty good and I really liked it. It actually tastes like peanut butter. It is not too strong. You can taste both the hazelnut butter and the chocolate. I was a fan of this. It has a different texture than peanut butter but it tastes really good. The chocolate was there just enough so you know it's there but you can still taste the butter part from the hazelnut.

You also get a SunButter Sunflower spread. It is peanut and tree nut free. Again it comes in a little squeezable pouch and has a picture of a sun flower on it. There is also a little see through section so you see what the butter looks like. It actually looks like peanut butter but it smells like sunflower seeds. This stuff is runny and messy. It tastes a lot like sunflower seeds with like a butter flavor. It has a really weird texture. The texture is really rough. If you like sunflower seeds then you will like this.

Next we have the Buddha Bowl Himalayan Pink Organic Popcorn. It has Himalayan Pink salt and coconut oil in it. It is only 100 calories in a bag. This looks like any other popcorn you would buy at the store and it smells really good. It just tastes like popcorn and it is really good. If you would like some good but healthy popcorn, try this stuff.

There are also the Luna Minis. I got a chocolate peppermint flavored stick and a lemon zest flavored stick. These did not look like what I thought they would look like. The peppermint one looks like a brownie with a little white layer one the bottom. It smells like peppermint though and looks good. It is chewy and tastes like chocolate and peppermint. The lemon one looks almost like a cereal bar. It is like a tan color and has a white layer on the bottom of it. It smells good, smells like lemon. It is the same as the other one only lemon flavored. Also the taste for both of these were there but they were not too over powering. These were really good.

In this months box you also get a FLYJOY ancient grain energy bar, peanut butter flavored. It looks like a peanut butter granola bar. It smells like peanut butter also. There is a sort of glossy look to this thing. It is chewy and tastes like peanut butter and fruit. Almost tastes like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Really good taste and it is chewy.

The last food item we have is the Smarty Pants three vitamins in one gummies. They have Multi+Omega 3+Vitamin D in them. What I don't understand is: for the size of the package, why only two gummies in it? Any way, you can get a yellow, orange, or red one in each pack. I got two red ones. They look like gummies but I do not like the taste of them. I think the red ones are cherry flavor maybe and I do not like cherry so that might be why I do not like them. They have a soft texture to them and are a little less chewy than other gummies I had.

You also get a neti-pot and a bunch of coupons and a recipe in this months box. If you don't already know, a neti-pot is used to smooth dry nasal passages, remove excess mucus and provide natural relief from allergy and sinus symptoms. You put water and salt in it, and the stick in you your nose, tilt your head over a sink and it clears your nose from the nasty stuff. The design on it looks really cool also.

Each months box has different items in it and you get your own by clicking this link. https://www.sendmeglutenfree.com/. Also I am going to be doing a giveaway from December 1st, 2015 to December 25, 2015. So if you would like to participate then comment your favorite color down bellow. There was some pretty interesting and different food than what I usually see but most of the stuff was pretty good and I enjoyed it.

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