Saturday, December 26, 2015

Sentry Flat-Cord DLX45 Headphones

So today I have for you a pair of headphones that I am going to review for you all. These are Sentry brand headphones. You can get these headphones for 10 dollars on Amazon and for that price, they are really good and worth it. You can use these for mostly any mobile and audio devices including Apple products, Mp3/Mp4 players. They also work one the computer. Also I hope everyone has had a very good holiday and I will be posting twice a day from now on.

I am going to break this review down to 8 parts: Headband, Earpads, Earcups, Cord, Adjustable Fit, Plug, Deep Base and Sound. Hope you guys enjoy and have a great day, keep an eye out for my 2nd post today.

These headphones have an adjustable headband. This allows you to adjust them to the size of your head and this function works well. At first they are hard to adjust but once you start to use them more, they get easier to adjust. They adjust to a decent length for someone with a big head or they can fit someone with a small head. I does not seem like the slider to adjust these are going to break anytime soon. The slider is very sturdy and secure to headphones.

The cord is a flat cord which means they are suppose to be tangle proof. The cord does not tangle at all which is great for if you put them in your backpack or bag. Unlike most headphones, once you take these out, you do not have to worry about them tangling. For this cord being a flat cord, it is pretty thick and does not seem easy to rip. The cord is 4 feet long which is a decent size for a headphones cord but you do not want to drop your device you are using because they will fall off your head.

This brings me to the plug which is a 3.5 mm cord. This works for most phone cases and computers. I use mine for my computer and the plug fits in there but if you bump it, then it messes up the sound because it comes a little bit unplugged. But all you do is push it back in and then it works fine.

The earpads for this headset are comfortable. I mean very comfortable and they do not hurt your ears. Most headphones I use are comfortable at first but then they hurt your ears after like an hour or two of usage. With the Sentry headphones, I am able to use them for close to 3 hours before they hurt my ears. This is how soft the earpads are and how comfortable they are. One thing is that they are fairly small and do not fit over your whole ears. See but that still does not make them uncomfortable.

The ear cups are flexible which allows for keeping the sound in and it also keeps noise out. The cups are noise canceling which means that the sound you usually hear around you does not exist. It makes the sound you hear in the videos and music louder and easier to hear.

The last thing I want to talk about is the sound. The sound for these headphones is pretty high quality and is not too loud but also not too quiet. There is also deep base in these headphones which is great for listening to music and listen to the sound when watching a video. This feature works great and is amazing. I love base whenever listening to music and the base with these sounds awesome.

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