Monday, December 7, 2015

Sinister 2 (2015)

A young mother and her twin sons move into a rural house that's marked for death. This movie starts out with a person recording 3 people who are tied to crosses in a corn field. These three people are burnt to death. The movie then cuts to a child who wakes up in the middle of the night. The kid sees a man in his closest but it is not actually a man. It is a figure that if you see him in a picture or video, then you are dead. Then it cuts to a man who has gone to a church to confess and talk to the priest. The man is an Ex-Deputy and he has seen something. He has seen something so bad that he wants to get ride of it.  The priest knows what he wants to do.

There is a family that was haunted by a demonic spirit an the Deputy knows that it will be back and the family will go through it again. This is a story of the Collins family and how they were haunted by dark spirits. There is the mother and her name is Courtney. She has two twin children and there names are Dylan and Zach.The family goes shopping. There was a man there who was chasing them through the store. They drive away though and you know something fishy is happening. The mother and two boys are working on an old church when the mom finds like a container of sorts. Then one of the children start acting strange but snaps out of it. He can see dead stuff and blood but no one else can see it.

That night, Dylan is shown something by a spirit of another child. It is an old record that plays a video of some sort. It starts off all peaceful but then turns into people being killed. The old Deputy shows up to the Collins family's house to burn it and stop everything bad but he didn't know that the Collins were living there and then there is an argument. One night the Deputy sees the man from the pictures in his computer reflection.

The next day he goes back to the house and investigates an old church that is on there property. He sees the symbols, children and he sees the man again. He gets a call from someone saying he has to see something unbelievable. He told the Deputy that it would help with everything going on. So the Deputy says he will be there the next day. Then Courtney's ex-husband(I think) shows up and tries to take the kids. But the Deputy defends them and stays for dinner.

The Deputy is up late and looking at pictures and Courtney sits and talks to him. Meanwhile the spirits of the children show Dylan the taps again. The next day the Deputy goes to see what the person on the phone said is so important. It is a recording of numbers and screams. The numbers are coordinates to a house. It is to a house in the middle of no where and this is a place where an entire family was murdered.

The two twin brothers end up getting into a fight because Zach thinks he is better than Dylan. Then the children spirits stand up for Dylan. One of the taps the spirit children watch is of a ritual in the abandoned church. Then he is chased by the man in the pictures.

The Deputy and Dylan and Zach's father gets into fight because the father was around them again. The family is the ones on the crosses from the beginning and Zach is the one who is filming them. This is because the spirit children told him to. But what will happen next? Will the family be rescued? Watch and find out for yourself.

This was a great movie and it was a really scary movie. I recommend you watch this one after you watch the first one. This was a really good movie and it was interesting none the least.

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