Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Cellar Door

There is a girl that is locked up in the basement and chained up. She breaks loose of the hold the chains have on her and finds a weapon. She almost escapes but a man finds her and hits her with his car. This is the same man who had her trapped in the basement. In the end he ends up killing the girl by strangling her with a chain. This is only the beginning of the violent tale. The man then puts wooden boards on his windows so no one else can escape. Then he goes to a store, looking for his next victims. He decides to after a girl named Rudy. The man was search through a garbage can and found her bill. This is how he knew who he would go after next.

He follows her and a friend to her house until they fall asleep and her sneaks into the house. He then knocks Rudy out and ties her up. Rudy wakes up in a basement with a random man watching her. He has her in a cage with just enough space for food and water to slide under. The man's name is Hermit and you can tell he is a creep just by looking at him. Hermit tells Rudy he is not going to hurt her but then says he has to take her blood. He uses metal grippers to take her hand and then ties it to one of the planks. When doing so he cuts her are and then pours peroxide on the wound. Now why do people in the world have to do stuff like this? Why are people so sick?

In the mean time, Rudy's friend calls the cops saying she is missing and they tell her to call back in 72 hours. This basically means the cops are not going to help.

Rudy has a dream of a person covered in worms and dirt touching her. Hermit takes her feces and pours them into a jar. That is just wrong and gross one so many levels. That is even gross for a stalker.

Rudy has another strange dream where she finds the girl from the beginning buried in a field.

Throughout the film, Rudy is nice Hermit as to put on a show but then she tells him that no one likes him because of what he does. This makes him made and he goes to a store where he beats a woman with a baseball bat until she dies.

Eventually Rudy loosens a nail from her cage and almost gets out. Then Hermit says she needs washed and sprays her down with a hose. Hermit goes after Rudy's friend and traps her also but he bits her and almost kills her. He is stopped by a knock on the door. It is some people going around talking about religious stuff. Hermit ends up killing both of them.

I have some questions for you all now: Will Rudy and her friend live? Will they escape and get help or what will happen? Watch and find out. I got this movie along with nine other ones in a pack from Walmart and they are really good. They are suppose to be scary but they're not. Even though this movie was a pretty good movie and it shows you how messed up someone can be.

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