Saturday, December 19, 2015

Turtle Beach XL1

A few weeks ago I have gone out and bought the Turtle Beach XL1 for the Xbox 360. This is a gaming headset that is to enhance your gaming experience. It is a really good headset for people who have not used headsets before. It was really hard to get a Turtle Beach for the Xbox 360 because they do not make them anymore. I think they only make these for the Xbox One anymore because it is the new system. I am going to tell you the pros and cons about this headset and tell you if it is worth buying. I got this headset for around 40$ at my local Walmart.

To start off, this headset has long wire that is good for if you are father away but it is a little too long and it gets tangled up very easily. It is made out of a good plastic material and it is pretty sturdy. When you need to take a break and put the XL1 around your neck, do not expect to bend your head because you can't. The part that goes around your ear does not swivel and this causes the headset to block your head. Now the speakers are very good and you have a 360 degree sound field. This means that you can hear everything on any game you play. For Battlefield and Call of Duty, you are able to hear footsteps, the bomb being defused and you can know when someone is sneaking up on you. Also if you want to listen to music and the game, the Turtle Beach XL1 is great for that. Just adjust the sound levels of both in game and music and you are good to go! The mic is a great high quality mic and your friends can hear you and you alone. This means that your friends can hear you but no family or friends that are talking around you.

There is also a sound and chat volume control that allows you to control the chat and sound volume. If you do not want to hear what anyone else is saying then turn them down or you can also turn them up so you can hear what they have to say. You can also make it to where you can hear the music and the game volume equally or one louder than the other. But it is kind of a pain because the control is like a small wheel that if you turn it quick then you are going to loose your hearing. It is really sensitive.

That is a review of the Turtle Beach XL1 for the Xbox 360. If you are looking for a decent starter headset, then this is for you. Hope you enjoyed and if so leave a comment down bellow. Also if you have any ideas for items to review let me know by commenting them or emailing me. You can also Tweet at me or comment on my Facebook page.

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