Monday, December 28, 2015


Okay so there was a time a few years ago when Twitter came out with something called Vine. Vine is an app on your phone that allows people to make short videos that are a few seconds long. Then people could share these videos with their friends and fans on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Starting out it was a really good idea and a lot of people made funny vines that everyone could watch and get a good laugh if they were having a bad day. But looking at vines nowadays compared to when they started, people are getting lazy and make stupid vines. There are some good vines out there but not many. I watch vines all the time and love some of them but there are some out there that make me want to punch that person in the face. But for the most part I get a good laugh out at watching vines. Some channels on YouTube even make compilations of what they think the funniest vines are and for the most part, they do have some pretty funny vines. I just thought I would talk to you guys a little bit about vines. Let me know what you think about this and what you think about vines. Tell me what who your favorite viner is or what your favorite vine is.

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