Sunday, August 23, 2015

Top 5 county singers/bands

Top 5 Country Singers/Bands
5) Rascal Flatts
    This band is number five because they are a great band. The members have been together for many, many years and they still sound like they did when they first started. Also they wear pretty cool clothes. Rascal Flatts have stuck with country music and sound amazing. Plus, there songs hit right where it counts and they connect with the listeners.
4) Toby Keith
     Toby Keith's music is all about having fun and just letting go. His songs help you forget about all of your troubles. When you listen to Toby Keith's songs you just get in a good mood no matter how bad of a day you are having. Most people think that country music is about partying and getting drunk, but it is about having fun and calming down.

3) Maddie and Tae
        If you are looking for music to when you are down and upset about a relationship ending and you want to get in a good mood then listen to these two beautiful, young women. when you listen to their music you become happy and don't feel so bad about yourself. Maddie and Tae's music is designed for the this generation and is meant to make you feel better about yourself.
2) Zac Brown Band
     What can I say other than This band's purpose is to get you in a good mood. Their music is up beat and fun. They like to have fun with their songs and also get you happy.

1) Carrie Underwood
     Carrie Underwood is a beautiful looking woman with great music and a great voice. Her music speaks to the people who have had a ruff life and are always said. Carrie Underwood sings about the tragedies in life. Like when someone has to listen to their parents fighting all the time or if have to keep moving from home to home. Her songs are someone christian like. I know you may think I'm crazy for saying this but they are. Some of her songs are about asking Jesus for help or being baptized. Her one song "Temporary Home," speaks about a person knowing that Earth and a house on Earth is just temporary because once you pass on from earth then you go to heaven and that is where you belong.

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